Should You Have A Medical Billing Advocate?

Should You Have A Medical Billing Advocate?

Medical bills can be downright overwhelming because they do not come in two or three figures; instead, they shoot in five to six-figure amounts. This means an individual with average salary directly becomes ineligible to pay the amount and thus, prays for some miracles to happen.

To make matters worse, nearly 80% of medical bills contain at least one error, so if you have paid your medical bills already, then the chances are that you may have paid extra money on the services or treatments that you never received.

However, if you are one of those who aren’t quite aware of the medical terms or do not understand the charges on hospital and doctor’s bills, then maybe you should consider hiring the medical bill advocatesThese advocates are professionally trained and experienced individuals who help people make insurance claim appeals. The advocates zero down the billing errors and negotiate with the billing departments at the doctor’s office or hospitals.

So here are a few reasons why you must consider working with a medical billing advocate.

1. You Are Baffled By Your Medical Bills:

Unless you are a chemist or a specialist who knows about the medical terms, it can be hard to interpret the medical bills. They get filled with codes and numbers that make no sense to an average individual. These codes represent treatments and procedures; you can even lookup all those codes on online platforms. There, you can also compare and verify the average cost for medical procedures as per your region.  However, if you are determined to lower your medical bills, then this research will go in vain. Hiring a medical bill advocate can surely prove useful.

2. You Are Suspecting Foul Play:

If you have already estimated your medical cost, but the end bill comes with an exceptionally high amount, then the chances are that you got wrongly billed. Errors such as incorrect diagnostic codes or adding services and treatment you did not receive are quite common.

Hiring a medical bill advocate will help you to acquire the proper insight, he or she will nullify the errors and later work on negotiating the final amount. This way, you lose less time in the process and still gain peace of mind that an expert is taking care of all the procedures for you.

3. Your Health Insurance Provider Denied Your Claim:

Working with a health insurance company is a tiring process because even if you call to dispute in regards to the denial of a claim, they will request you to hold the call only to learn that you called the wrong department. This means you have to start the process all over again, and if you are unlucky, your call might mysteriously get disconnect for no reason.
On the other hand, a medical billing advocate will understand your problem and assist you thoroughly. They probably have handled hundreds, if not thousands of cases in their lifetime, which means one look at your bill and they will know what to do next.

4. You Have Doubts and Are Sick of Medical Debts:

Large and unaffordable medical bills are bad, but if these bills start keeping you awake all night and snap-on every little thing, then the situation is not just bad, but you are downright stressed.  Also, many serious illnesses and the treatments can impair your cognitive abilities, which means you are not in a position to try and figure out a medical bill or even appeal a wrongfully denied claim. Thanks to medical billing advocates, they help you get off these situations. Plus, their charges aren’t quite extensive; some may charge you a percentage of how much they saved or charge on an hourly basis. End of the day, hiring a medical billing advocate to examine your medical bills can be worth the cost.

5. You Are Physically Impaired:

It is possible that you might have had a recent treatment or surgery that dealt with vision, hearing, or other physical impairments. Thus, preventing you from understanding or disputing medical bills. If you do not have a trusted caregiver, a medical billing advocate can prove of great help. He or she will go through your bills and correspond with your health insurance company so that you can stay stress-free without being in medical debt.

Bottom Line

Please note that medical billing advocates tend to specialize in niche areas that could be either geographically, demographically, or entirely different. Make sure to hire someone after you conduct proper research on medical bill advocates in or near your area and choose an advocate who specializes in a way that can be helpful for you.

If you are considering hiring a medical bill advocate for any of the reasons mentioned above, connect with ClaimMedic now!

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