Should You Vape On a First Date?

Should You Vape On a First Date?

Dating is one of those experiences which can be amazing and daunting at the same time, depending on how you handle things. More and more singles are looking for love, but when one finally gets the opportunity, many obstacles can come in the way like social limitations, etiquette, dressing, caring too much about dos and don’ts, and most of all hygiene and manners.

Speaking of it, most of you guys out there don’t consider vaping as one of the factors which can affect your first date. Nonetheless, should you bring that up or should you hold back? These are the fundamental questions you can ask yourself, but what if you vape on your first date and your partner finds it offensive?

We explored the online community and some striking results were revealed. 65% of people found it to be socially acceptable. Among the vapers, 20% of the people thought smoking similar to vaping.

Is It Acceptable To Vape On A First Date?

Everyone has personal preferences. That is why non-vapers had a different outcome for our questions than the vapers. When you scroll through the internet, you will find highlights such as “vape; a major turn off” and the likes of it, but at the end of our results, it depended on the individual preference.

Our effort revealed that teens are more prone to vaping on their dates than adults. Surprisingly, almost 77% of the women said that they won’t date a smoker compared to only 51% who won’t date a vaper.

Should I Vape On A Date?

We asked many people how they perceive their date vaping for the very first time. Many people were inclined towards a cold start. That is to say that they will first gauge out the other’s personality, and then decide to bring out the vape and try to explain. This also means that it is social insecurity rather than something which is considered by society as extremely offensive.

Many people said that this is quite an issue for them as they felt awkward vape on the first date due to the shame associated with the act. Nevertheless, if someone breaks the ice first, the other is likely not to object, but it is still awkward to ask on a date to go outside to vape.

Some people said that if someone wants to excuse to go outside and vape, then it was completely ok with them. While some people may have an issue, everyone is not the same. Most of the people have gone superficial, so it is not much of an issue.

So when you are on your next date, make sure to follow the proper etiquette. Check if the venue allows for vaping or not. If your date is a fellow vaper, then you will have no issues. You can also check out the best vape shops near me in the UK to buy a new vape for your date as a first meeting gift. However, it is recommended to find a nice spot where other people won’t get disturbed by your puffing.

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