Shrooms Vs Weed- The Drugs The Whole World Loves

Shrooms Vs Weed- The Drugs The Whole World Loves

Magic mushrooms and cannabis remains the most illegally consumed drugs across the globe. Recent studies however show that Cannabis and magic mushrooms are legally permitted in few countries and in no time, it’s soon to be legalized everywhere. NUPEP Shrooms is an online Shroom dispensary in Canada’s best to purchase magic mushrooms, cannabis edibles, microdoses, and teas. Nupep Shrooms want to make a positive impact on our society by providing products that promote healing and creativity. They believe that everyone of legal age should enjoy the amazing therapeutic benefits of mushrooms and our mission is to provide discreet, quick, and safe access to it for them. The safety and security of our buyers is our priority and we are committed to creating a better customer experience daily. Buy shrooms online at Nupep Shrooms and receive $10 off with promo code TRIP10.



Weed and Mushrooms are the two least dangerous recreational drugs, less likely to lead to a health emergency. A highly addictive substance that can greatly damage is drugs like Meth, Alcohol, and heroin.
Mushroom and Weed are less addictive and death cases occurring are unheard of. An overdose usage of THC or Psilocybin is just going to result in a prolonged sleep.

The wide intake of mushrooms and weed reveals that humans often love to reach a heightened state of consciousness, most importantly those that have to do with the stimulation of pleasure producing compounds and hyperactivity in the brain.


Psilocybin is an alkaloid primarily affects the serotonin system, while serotonin remains one of the most delightful endogenous compounds of them all using an observable mechanism that is little understood.
Psilocybin through a brain scan stimulates neural activity across the whole brain, showing an overall increase and revealing the areas of the brain that usually function independently being connected via augmented neuronal activity.

When small doses are taken, it brings a general sense of wellbeing and connectedness to living things is common. Micro dosing of psicylobin heightens the senses, increases visual activity, and creative problem-solving. Considered a smart drug in the no tropics community, it is proven to avail the senses greater nuances. After a good shroom session, the feeling can last for weeks and the dissolution of the ego is hinted at in the feelings of empathy and global relatedness that affect everyone who takes mushrooms.


Hallucinations occur amidst large shamanic and heroic doses. The feeling often exciting, these large doses transcends quickly from recreational to spiritual to universal connectivity. The feeling that comes with micro-dosing is as though one is at the shore of the ocean while the heroic dose is as though one is no longer on land.


THC avails the production of dopamine in the brain, another delightful substance. Cannabis coupled the pleasant feeling, binds cannabinoid receptors in the brain and Central nervous system, which induces the unique cannabis high.

Other cannabinoid and volatile compounds are found present in Cannabis modifying its effect, hence the difference in the multitude of high THC strains of contemporary cannabis available. They can be substantially modified by other compounds sharing the same euphoria theme.

THC often included as part of Psychedelic but its effects are not as homogenous and intense as mushrooms. The unique features of cannabis and THC can be captured in the old Rasta saying; “Marijuana is all things to all people”. The same substance used to boost activeness for sport can likewise be used to relax because it can sharpen the mind, improve cognitive ability, and also used to “totally veg out a man”. THC being Chimeric can amplify emotions and sensory feedback likewise augmenting the projected intent of the user.

Cannabis is a highly functional drug. Around the fin de siècle, Hashish was smoked at world fairs to promote the interactive experience of fair-goers. High THC indices can staple the eyelids to the floor while resinous Sativa Frisbee your focus into hyperspace.


Magic mushrooms can either be eaten raw or dried. Though the desiccation process of the dried mushroom boosts the effect of Psilocybin. Different environmental factors are making the taste of psychoactive alkaloids bad but can be boosted when taken with juice.

Over time, they have been incorporated in various forms to foods, teas, and smoothies. A palm-full of mushrooms caps, banana, and coconut water in a smoothie is highly nutritious for the body. For those allergic to Shrooms or can’t bear the taste, a Psilocybin extraction uses easy-to-source, food-safe materials to produce a more convenient key to the door.

Since time past, cannabis has always been smoked as archeologists found instruments for smoking which dates far back as 10,000 years ago. It is still smoked now by being rolled in a paper joint or a twisted leaf. For those who don’t like to smoke, it can be vaporized or eaten as edibles.


Mushrooms and Cannabis have great therapeutic effects in treating mental health issues, diet, and mood disorders and increases other physical actions.



With the aid of Psychedelics and other substances, shrooms stimulate, while weed amplifies brain activity. Depending on quantity, both shrooms and weed can bring about heightened sensitivity and personal transcendental experiences.

Nupep Shrooms offers top-quality magic mushrooms, cannabis, microdses, edibles, teas, and much more sourced specifically to activate the brain’s chemistry for enhanced cognitive performance. All their products are 100% organic and free of additives and pesticides. Nupep Shrooms all-natural shrooms are not just the most effective mood enhancer available on the market today, they are the safest with no destructive psychoactive effect, but there is an increase to your energy and reduction in stress or anxiety.

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