How To Simultaneously Treat Cardiovascular Disease and Erectile Dysfunction

How To Simultaneously Treat Cardiovascular Disease and Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is considered by several medical experts as predominantly as a vascular disease. The man with cardiovascular issue will eventually have erectile dysfunction. The basic cause of erection issue at the cellular level remains reduction in blood flow towards the penis.

It is medically proved that early cases of erectile dysfunction in healthy males could be first indication of impending cardiovascular diseases. In male’s patients with less cardio risk, early steps can prevent both cardiovascular disease and erectile dysfunction. Instead of using a Viagra 100mg for an instant penile erection, it would be a wise decision to consult a medical expert and go through comprehensive medical examination.

Cardiovascular disease and erectile dysfunction association

The prevalence of some health issues such as hypertension, cardiovascular disease, diabetes in elderly population make them vulnerable to erectile dysfunction. Since these health issues more likely to occur in old age, then in younger age, the erection issue become associated with age. As we age, the likelihood of some health issue coming up increase, which bring with them the erection problems.

Recently the medical examinations have also brought out the fact that erectile dysfunction has a strong link with cardiovascular issue.


The first step is to understand the basic cause for erection issue. If erection issue is due to formation of plaque in the blood vessels, then the treatment should follow accordingly. The quality of life depends on the sexual life of a person. A man with a satisfying sexual life leads a content life with emotional stability. Otherwise, erection issue disturbs the overall wellbeing of a man.

Erection process is a coordination of the vascular process and stimulation.

Erection takes place when our mind triggers a signal to the central nervous system to release nitrate oxide. The nitrate oxide relaxes the muscles and relaxed muscles draw blood towards the penis. Any disturbance in the movement of blood causes erection issue. The disturbance can be due to physiological issue, physical cause or medical issue. The medicine fildena 100mg is needed to push blood flow towards the sexual organ when blood flow is low.

A weak heart or blockage of blood vessels due to cholesterol issue is also one of the emerging issues in younger males.

Erectile dysfunction treatment of the cardiac patient

Comprehensive medical examination is needed before prescribing the erectile medicines to the cardiac patient. The risk to heart increases in the patient before and after the sex. However, there are patient with low risks. These patients have the physical stamina to perform the sexual activity.

They can use a lower dose of levitra 40mg to get the erection. In fact, the sexual activity is the best cardio exercise. But even the lower dose has to be used with consultations from a medical doctor or cardiologist.

However, if the cardio issue is a bit higher for you, then you must completely avoid taking any erectile dysfunction medicine. First priority should be comprehensive treatment plan for cardiovascular disease. The medicines used for heart issue react strongly with the erectile dysfunction medicines.

Both medicines relax the blood vessels, and combined effect can lower the blood pressure to lower levels.

Healthy diet, moderate exercise and work life balance works for both

A healthy diet without fatty, oily and fried food is not only a good diet for your heart, but also improves your sexual life. A moderate increase in exercise will lower the heart attack risk while improve erection process. The positive lifestyle intervention will yield the same result that a medicine like Cialis 40 mg would give. The only difference former will show result in weeks or month, while latter will give instant result. The safety will be with the lifestyle intervention.

In the nutshell, do not use medicines without medical consultations and lifestyle intervention can prevent cardiovascular issues and erectile dysfunction.

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