Six Factors to Consider While Getting a Health Insurance Quote from a Health Care Provider

Six Factors to Consider While Getting a Health Insurance Quote from a Health Care Provider

Buying health insurance as an individual, for the employees or even the family, can be a challenging task. This is because there are various insurance plans offered by multiple health care providers. And each of these plans has something impressive that you want to have in your health insurance plan. But regardless of which provider you choose, the process should not be complicated.

Even though the price is the biggest factor that you must consider while purchasing health insurance, but there are various other things too. We know that purchasing life insurance can be a personal endeavor, but here are a few factors that you should consider while getting a Health Insurance Quote.

1. Premiums:

Premium is the total cost of the health insurance plan that you, as the customer, will require paying in full or monthly. The total amount you need to pay will depend on the advantages included in the chosen plan. Know that this amount isn’t the same as the deductible.

So, it is vital that you find a plan that fits your budget but see to it that you don’t go for the cheapest plans. With low premiums comes restricted networks or higher deductibles.

2. Out-of-pocket expenses:

Almost every health insurance plan comes with various out-of-pocket costs. Out-of-pocket cost is nothing but the deductibles that you will be paying upfront before the coverage starts.

The higher the deductible is, the lower the premium will be. If you rarely visit the doctor or buy prescription drugs, then higher deductible plans can prove beneficial to you.

Similarly, people who have a lot of medical expenses should opt for plans with lower deductibles.

3. Prescription drug coverage:

Besides knowing that your plan will cover the prescription drug, you must understand that the plan you go for covers the specific medicines you require. Many insurers have a list of covered drugs that are categorized into tiers. General category drugs may have a low copay, while branded drugs may have a higher.

Some insurers may request the customers to pay for the low category drugs first or else get authorization so that the plan can pay for expensive medications.

For instance, Adderall and Humulin are two types of drugs that require prior authorization.

4. Eligibility of health savings account:

HSA or health savings accounts can be used as a valuable financial tool. This is because HSA allows the singles to make up to $3500 in tax-deductible contributions. A person with a family plan can add up $7000 tax-free. Seniors above the age of 55 can make up to $1000 extra in catch-up contribution.

Only those who have opted for a high deductible health insurance plan can contribute to HSA.

5. Networks offered:

Health insurance no longer offers the flexibility of choosing whichever doctor the customer wants. With new policies, the plans come with networks of participating providers. That means, if you opt for doctors or facilities outside the network, then you may end up with high copayment or may even be denied the claim.

So, while you get the Health Insurance Quote, ensure that the plan has coverage for preferred doctors. If possible, double-check the doctor and facility list.

6. Provided perks and benefits:

Almost every other health insurance plan comes with added benefits or complementary resources. These benefits are usually wellness programs or tools to manage the benefits.

But see to it that the perks the health insurer provides works with your needs. This is because you would not want to overpay for services you don’t need.

Over to you

Health insurance is similar to a house; it ensures that you are covered in cases of extreme weather or, in this case, health emergencies.

So, if you don’t have one for yourself, your family, or your employees, then make sure that you get one sooner from UHA Health Insurance. And use the tips mentioned here to ensure that you get the best health insurance quote.

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