Some Tips to Control Diabetes

Some Tips to Control Diabetes

Diabetes refers to a physiological abnormality whose symptoms are manifested in the increase in glucose, which is a result of increased levels of glucose. This is called metabolic disorder. If the pancreas does not produce insulin in the body or the proper function of insulin in the body is disrupted, then glucose levels rise in the blood. As a result, patients with this disease often have frequent urine problems, feel more thirsty and dry mouth again and again. A diabetes patient suffers from various problems including extreme weakness, constant hunger, short body weight loss, blurred eyes etc.

Many people are afraid of hearing the name of diabetes. People think diabetes means their life is over. Because so far there is no good treatment for this disease. Though there is no medical treatment, diabetes can be controlled by changing the lifestyle of the affected patient and adhering to the warning. So let’s know some tips on controlling diabetes.

1 / Eat Moderate: Excessive diet is one of the causes of diabetes. So if you eat a lot of foods, avoid that. Consult a doctor and make a chart for daily diet. If you can, try to eat a little more frequently. This will help you be in a routine.

2 / Exercise: Regular exercise will help you to maintain good health as well as control your weight, which is most beneficial in controlling diabetes. So do some light exercise regularly, even for a smaller time.

3 / Regular Diabetes Testing: By examining regular diabetes you will know about your body condition and take action accordingly. If you check-up regularly then it is unlikely that diabetes will go to severe stage. And with a diabetes machine you can easily test your diabetes at home. Now this machine is quite cheaper for example, lowest diabetes machine price in Bangladesh is only $5.

4 / Avoid sweet treats: Avoid too many sweet foods. Otherwise, diabetes cannot be controlled.

5 / Avoid Fast-food: Although fast food is a fun meal, the nutritional value of these foods is almost zero. So try to eat these kind of food as minimum as you can. You can eat more healthy food like salad.

6 / Do lots of walking: One of the most appropriate exercises for controlling diabetes is walking. So, whenever you get a chance, do it. If you do not get a chance to walk at all, try to come back from work by walking. It will help you to control diabetes.

7 / Try to be free from mental stress: Many kinds of diseases can be created for mental stress such as headache, high blood pressure etc. So try to be free from emotional stress as much as possible. Always try to keep smiling. It will keep your health healthy and also contribute to diabetes control.

8 / Avoid smoking: Smoking is a major cause of diabetes as well as health problem, such as lung cancer. So avoid smoking and keep it under control.

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