What is The Best Age To Start Orthodontic Treatment?

What is The Best Age To Start Orthodontic Treatment?

Who doesn’t like a pretty smile? We all do. They say that a smile can win the world. But for a beautiful smile, we also require a healthy set of teeth.

A healthy and shiny set of teeth makes your smile beautiful and attractive. With such a heartwarming smile surely you can win the world.

But is it easy to achieve such a shiny set of teeth? Earlier in the day, types of toothpaste and a brush were all that we had. But now, the modern world and the various technologies have made it easy enough to achieve a beautiful set of teeth. Different methods like teeth whitening, teeth bleach, and many more have made white teeth a reality.

Fixing the yellow teeth problem is quite easy, as it may seem. But what about the crooked teeth? Not everyone can carry off and flaunt a smile with crooked teeth. If you are one of the people who would like to have a set well-aligned teeth then, read on.

Just like teeth whitening, aligning a crooked set of teeth is now easy. Thanks to the ever-evolving medical science. Science has a branch called orthodontics. This branch of dental science is a blessing to us. Orthodontic treatment involves a way of moving or aligning crooked teeth. The idea is to give the teeth a more attractive appearance.

Orthodontic treatment not only enhances the beauty of the teeth. This treatment also helps the teeth to function correctly. If the teeth are not aligned, then they may not be comfortable or work well. Orthodontic treatment assures better health of your teeth, gums, and the jaws. The procedure helps to have balanced biting pressure all over the teeth.

How is the procedure carried out?

A dentist has several tools, most of them are intimidating. Luckily for this procedure, the dentist will need only a few of those tools. One of the most fundamental types of equipment is certainly a dental CT scanner. After scanning your teeth, the dentist will then use braces to set the crooked teeth right.

What is the best time for orthodontic treatment?

Without any doubt, the best time for orthodontic treatment is during childhood. It doesn’t mean that adults are ineligible for this procedure. When it comes to orthodontic procedure, sooner is better. But even in children, the number of teeth is a factor. The dentist will need a certain number of teeth minimum to carry out the procedure.

How is it done?

The procedure is quite simple. The orthodontist will start after a full examination of your teeth. This is a simple and easy step. The orthodontist will take a good look at your teeth. He will make plaster models of your teeth; he will examine and judge the problem areas of your teeth.The basic necessity for this procedure is permanent teeth. If you have enough permanent teeth, then you are game for this method.

Things to keep in mind if you are undergoing orthodontic treatment:

1.No room for baby teeth:

This procedure is solely for the permanent teeth. Hence the person has to wait till they shed all the baby teeth. Orthodontics wait for the child to lose the teeth naturally. Usually, kids lose their baby teeth by the age of 10 to 14. If it takes longer, then the dentist might suggest pulling out the baby teeth forcibly.


2.You have to be responsible and disciplined

Maintaining the braces is not easy. There is a series of dos and don’ts that you have to follow. It is essential to follow these rules for the treatment to be impactful. Maintaining good oral health is of utmost importance. Brushing and flossing teeth in between meals, in the morning and before sleeping is crucial. One has to follow the rules religiously.

3.Say no to some foods

This is a problem area when it is a child patient. It is crucial for them to understand that the restriction is necessary. Food like nuts, popcorn, and gums are absolutely a no no for you.


4.Work on your confidence

Reality check: braces are not pretty. And kids will need a lot of confidence to go out with braced teeth. Hence it becomes easier for the child if the braces are taken earlier in life.

5.Adulting is hard

Beautiful set of teeth is one of the least concerns for an adult. Adulting is not just hard but also expensive. Often adults skip orthodontic treatment because they cannot afford it. Hence childhood is the best time to get the crooked teeth aligned.

Orthodontic treatment is easy and doable enough. The procedure does not scare kids. Hence, doctors often suggest opting for this procedure at an early age in life. As long as the kid has a sufficient number of permanent teeth, the dentist will give you a green signal for the procedure.

A lovely smile is something we all crave. It is fabulous news that science can help us achieve that. For better results, it is advisable to start the treatment early in life. Well-aligned teeth, sparkling smile, and confidence is more than enough to win the world. A perfect set of teeth and a confident smile can help a person to have a better social and professional life. As they say, a smile can win the world.

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