Stress Management Coaching For Fighting Stress

Stress Management Coaching For Fighting Stress

The skill to manage stress in an helpful way is very important to live a balanced life. The following techniques will help you to break stress.

What are the benefits of stress management?

Stress, the body’s reaction towards stressful situations, is a state of mental anxiety that can have negative influence on our lives and on our health. Stress management helps you to reduce the negative side-effects of stress and allow you to switch stressful situations calmer than before. In short: it helps you to improve your capability to deal with with stress and to avoid stress related conditions, such as constant headaches, heart diseases and depression. Another benefit of stress management techniques is that it will help you to avoid hasty mistakes, which would cost you a lot of time in order to cut out these mistakes.

Stress Management

How to manage stress at the workplace?

Many employees consider stress as a necessary part at their workplace that helps them to meet deadlines and increases their productivity. However, when stress becomes constant it is vital to take counter-measures.

Time Management

Time management is a necessary skill when it comes to the ability to reduce stress. In fact: unacceptable time management can be one of the main reasons that cause stress, as we might not be able to meet deadlines and can’t achieve the targeted tasks and goals. In our corporate world we are facing workload and time boundaries nearly every day, which makes it essential to apply effective time management techniques.

Physical activity

Physical activity and regular work out can help you to relief stress in an effective way. Sport in general increase the productions of endorphins and decreases stress hormones. You do not of necessity need to join a gym or start running every morning; you can also make use of the stress relieve result of physical activity at the workplace. As a regulation of thumb keeps your body moving! Instead of taking the elevator you could walk up the staircase, take a turn during your lunch break or just stretch your body in a regular gap, which sitting on your office chair.


Start prioritizing your tasks from A – very important to C – insignificant and organize your tasks accordingly to their importance and importance. If a task is very important and urgent you should spotlight your time and energy towards the accomplishment of this task, rather than a task that is important but not urgent at all. I would suggest you to invest five minutes before starting to work where you create a to-do-list with all your upcoming responsibilities and their prioritization.

Avoid a stressful lifestyle

When we request for reasons that cause stress we mostly focus on our work environment that we often think as the main source for stress. However, it can also be very helpful to reflect our lifestyle we are living and to seek for possible causes that amplify our stress level, e.g. sleep deprivation, drugs and our food habits. One such a cause could be an shocking nutrition, with too much sugar, fat and caffeine. Caffeine is a part of nearly anyone’s feast, but it is also stimulants that raise our level of activity and can make us very nervous, which is the foundation for stress.

We understand that stress can be manage effectively if we start taking care of ourselves, but we do not practice it. Hollywood Coaching Method help to  know and heed stress indicators, understand body requirements, chart out exercise schedule, cultivate healthy eating habits, refrain from unhealthy habits and also let us develop a healthy sustain system.

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