Super Foods That Strengthen Your Teeth

Super Foods That Strengthen Your Teeth

Eating the right food is very crucial for your physical and mental well-being, but along with that, dental experts point out that what you eat has an equal impact on your dental health too.

You may have heard how sugary foods and drinks are bad for your health, but do you know the food for healthy teeth or what food actually strengthens your teeth? Dental care in Ahmedabad emphasizes that eating right is extremely crucial for oral health.

If you want to minimize your chances of getting cavities or tooth decay, browse through the list and eat your way with a hearty smile!

1. Apples


Apple is considered as one of the healthiest fruits, as it is full of essentials nutrients and other minerals that are not just good for your health but are even beneficial for your teeth. Apples have high water content, which can help stimulate saliva production, to remove bacteria and stray food particles from your mouth. Often addressed as the ‘natural toothbrush’, the fiber in apples stimulates your gums while acting as a mild astringent for your teeth, and smoothly brightening them. Make sure you eat apples unpeeled, as major of its oral benefits reside in the skin!

2. Dairy Products

Dairy Products

Milk and a host of dairy products are the prime sources of calcium, which makes them healthy food for teeth. Dentist in Ahmedabad proclaims that calcium is known to strengthen tooth enamel. Dairy products, particularly cheese, contain a protein known as casein which helps in stabilizing as well as repairing the tooth enamel.

3. Leafy Greens

Leafy Greens

Leafy greens like kale and spinach contribute a lot in promoting oral health and are healthy food for your teeth. Their high calcium content helps in building teeth enamel. They are also rich in folic acid, which is known for treating gum diseases in pregnant women.

4. Nuts


No matter what nut you pick, each comes loaded with calcium, protein, minerals, and vitamins that are essential for maintaining oral health. Eating nuts requires a lot of chewing which increases saliva production, thus keeping your mouth clean. It’s one of the healthy steps to take towards dental care.

5. Kiwis


Vitamin C is very important for your teeth health, as, in the absence of vitamin C, collagen present in your gums breaks down, thus making your gums tender and vulnerable to bacteria. While most fruits contain this Vitamin, dental care in Ahmedabad asserts that kiwis are the richest source of vitamin C. So, next time you make a fruit salad, don’t forget to load it with kiwis.

6. Raisins

raisin or currant

Raisins contain Phytochemicals such as Oleanolic acid that is known to forbid two species of oral bacteria to avert cavities and gum disease. Dentist in Ahmedabad also prescribes unsweetened cranberries, rich in polyphenols, which can keep plaque from sticking to your teeth, thereby cutting down the risk of cavities.

7. Coconut


Coconut comes with natural antifungal and antiviral properties, which is why it does a great job of fighting tooth decay, whitening teeth, killing bad breath as well as healing bleeding gums. Along with oil pulling, which is a great way to gain the maximum oral health benefits from coconut, making it a part of your regular diet can bring in added benefits.

8. Oranges


Citrus fruits are known for their high acid content which is not considered good for your teeth. However, oranges happen to the only citric fruits with least acid content. This makes orange the ideal choice for your teeth as the Vitamin C present in the fruit reduces inflammation which further prevents gingivitis – a type of gum disease that causes inflamed gums. Oranges also keep your gum healthy by strengthening the connective tissue as well as the blood vessels.

9. Sesame Seeds

Sesame Seeds

Sesame seeds are rich in vitamins and minerals that make them highly beneficial for your health. The seeds are known to be effective in preventing diabetes, lowering blood pressure and building strong bones. The calcium content in the sesame seeds is known to keep your teeth healthy. The seeds also help in dissolving the plaque which affects your tooth enamel.

10. Pears


Pears are fiber-rich fruits that allow them in producing additional saliva in the mouth. The fruit also has an acid neutralizing effect on your tooth surfaces. Making pear a part of your everyday diet can help keep your teeth surfaces strong.

Incorporating these superfoods into your diet can make your teeth stronger, and heal the cavities in a natural manner.

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