Teeth Whitening – Better Done At Home Or With A Dentist

Teeth Whitening – Better Done At Home Or With A Dentist

If you are one of those confused people then here you might get some information that might help you select a product for yourself. It is advisable that we first try for a solution at home and then approach a dentist for teeth whitening at Pennsylvania. When it comes to whitening your teeth, you have just two options one is doing at home and another getting it done by a professional dentist. As you know that one is expensive than the other, but find a few factors written in this article that will help you making a decision.

How do the stains occur?

Have you ever wondered how those ugly stains come on your teeth? You brush just like how your dentist has recommended, still you have those unsightly stains. In addition, what can be done about it? Researchers have proved that consumption of coffee, tea and cold drinks can cause stains in your teeth. Not only stains, but also it can cause discoloration of the teeth too. While wine and some other fruits and vegetables like apples, potatoes and many more can cause staining. Let us look at the factors below that can help you in making a decision:

  1. Use products with bleach: Teeth whitening products, which are purchased from markets usually have a lower strength of bleaching agent in it. The strength should be around 3% only. However, if you go to a dentist’s office to get your teeth whitened professionally then the bleaching agent’s strength is around 15 to 40% since it contains hydrogen peroxide as an element. Stronger the bleaching agent will be, stronger will be the results.
  2. Use a mouth piece tray: When you visit a dentist to get your teeth whitened, he will first take an impression of your teeth and ensure that a mouthpiece tray is fitted properly. The advantage of using this is the whitening gel that is applied to the teeth via the mouthpiece tray. Therefore, the dentist prepares a customized mouthpiece tray so that it fits easily and is not exposed to the gum tissue since it might hurt. Badly fitted trays might irritate the soft tissues of the gums and might let the bleaching gel seep into the tray.
  3. Speed: When you purchase a whitening product from the market, you need to apply it for a couple of hours or up to 4 weeks in total. A dentist uses a laser to accelerate the whitening process in just 1 hour after one treatment. However, keep in mind that if you want your teeth to be completely white in color then you might need several appointments for the treatment.
  4. Costs: People first purchase whitening products from the market since they are cheap. For example, simple whitening products can be brought for about 25 to 30 dollars where you can use it for a year. If you compare the prices with those used by the dentist, then the price ranges from 500 to 1500 dollars. You then have to decide if you need a product or visit a dentist.
  5. Supervision: If we discuss about supervision then I feel you should visit a dentist only. When you visit him then he will first examine your teeth and then consider your medical history if he finds any discolored teeth. This helps him to decide if bleaching can be the solution to the stains found on the teeth. With this action, these stains can then be lightened. On the other hand, if you want to do it on your own then only you are the dentist and a judge to know how it can be done.

    Avoid these foods to prevent stains

    With your age increasing year after year, so are the stains that become prevalent year after year. Tooth staining cannot be prevented fully, but there are definitely some items that you should avoid since it might stain your teeth.

    • Liquids like soda, red wine, coffee and tea are the biggest contributors that stain your teeth. In addition, using colored foods like carrots, oranges and many other have a direct impact on your teeth’s color.
    • You might be thinking that consuming drugs are hundred percent safe but let me tell you that some drugs contain tetracycline that damage your teeth when they start forming. In addition, many of the youngsters damage their teeth by taking excess intake of fluoride.
    • Nicotine found in cigarettes is yet another component that damages your teeth and leaves dark lumps on your teeth that discolors them completely. That is why we say that smoking is injurious to health.
    • Try avoiding getting indulged in to physical fights since it might lead to cracking the enamel and leave your tooth in distress.

    The most important thing is that you should know something about a product before you purchase it. Therefore, it is advisable that you check online since it is the best option. As you will have the ability to read reviews written by consumers about the products. When you know the benefits of using such products, you will definitely get excited about achieving better teeth color. There is nothing to worry about anything going wrong since by the end of the day you will surely get whiter teeth. Getting whiter teeth is no longer a problem. With teeth whitening at Pennsylvania, you can now smile confidently wherever you go.

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