The Struggle Of Insomnia & How To Fight It

The Struggle Of Insomnia & How To Fight It

It’s not a secret anymore: a good sleep cycle is the foundation of a healthier life. The benefits of a good night of sleep are numerous. It helps to deal with diseases, gives energy, helps fight depression and improves the quality of life. However, for some people, falling asleep can be a real challenge. Insomnia is a plague caused by many factors that can affect anyone. The good thing is that there are some solutions to fight it and finally get a better quality of sleep.

The most common reason for insomnia is overthinking, feeling overwhelmed by bad vibes. The brain expands them to the rest of the body. It’s unhealthy. It’s an emotional overflow. It’s negativity and fighting it and is the best solution as it can cause several damages such as triggering mental illness and even interfering with abilities. Therefore, clearing the mind from every negative thought is essential before going to sleep. Of course, it is easier said than done, but it is possible. There are some ways to get a clearer mind before getting ready for bed and a good night of sleep. Keep reading to find out how to sleep tight and catch needed zzz.

Meditation To Avoid Deep Thoughts

As said previously, deep thoughts are one of the reasons that most of the time, lead to insomnia. Life can be quite stressful for everyone: trouble at work, money problems, daily duties and responsibilities – focusing on day-to-day life problems, family or even health is quite common. The number of reasons is endless, and even the smallest frustration can prevent you from sleeping.

Using meditation can help you relieve stress and anxiety, focus on your present and avoid overthinking as you are distracting your brain. Being stuck with negative thoughts is overwhelming. It’s just bad vibes that are expanding to the rest of the body and fighting it is a huge part of the process. Simply seating, lying or staying in a comfortable position with a focus on your breath for a couple of minutes is a great start for such useful practice. After, you can gradually increase the time of meditation and receive more benefits regarding your sleep, health, and general well-being.

Breathing Exercises & Yoga 

To meditation can be added breathing exercises as it reduces stress or even anxiety. Breathe in the good and positive things. Releasing the bad by breathing it out. Even if there isn’t a right way to do breathing exercises, the best way is to breathe through the diaphragm and not the chest. Breathe in for a few seconds, stop and then release air for another few seconds.

Yoga is also a solution as it is an effective method to create a balance between the body and mind by activating the brain. Aside from the physical benefits, yoga helps to lower stress levels, improve the immune system, increase mental awareness, and relieve pain and tension. Some poses are also often suggested to help with bad sleep.

Keeping the brain busy can work as well. Studies have shown that thinking about something positive, creating a whole story in your mind can help you sleep. However, it can be quite tricky if you are stimulating your brain a little too much.

Stay Active

Regular physical activity can help to diminish stress levels and improve sleep quality and duration by activating the synthesis of endorphins and serotonin, especially when working out outdoors. It also leads to more sound, restful sleep and increases time spent in deep sleep, which in turn helps to control stress and anxiety, boost immune function, and support cardiac health. However, try to fit in exercise at least 30 minutes during the day and finish your workout at least three hours before you go to bed. Exercising strenuously right before bedtime can have a stimulant effect on the body, promote wakefulness, and hinder falling asleep.

In a perfect world, the exercise itself is the goal with the physical rewards becoming a by-product. This enhances our emotional and mental relationship with exercise and creates these positive habits that can be so hard to form. Therefore, identify a suitable form of activity that you like to do to increase the chances of staying consistent with an exercise regimen. Try to set a fitness routine that you can do at home by practising yoga, completing online-workout, or having weight training with found objects. As an alternative, you can easily include enjoyable forms of movement outside such as going for walks in park or forest when it’s warm and lovely out, having a bike ride, quick jog, or swimming in the ocean if you can go to the beach.

Getting A Routine

Getting a routine is also essential to get ready for a good night’s sleep and go to bed feeling better, relaxed, and calm. It can go from applying skincare to sitting on the couch with a good book to read or even taking a bath. Hot water has its perks as it can help you unwind, and lower your core temperature, which can induce better sleep.

Drinking an infusion every night can be helpful before going to sleep as it’s relaxing for the body but also the mind. Drinking a hot beverage like an infusion is really good as plants have properties that help to relax the body and the mind. To guarantee a restorative and deep sleep, one can use, for example, Chamomilla, Lavender or Mint, which are well-known for their calming virtues. Keep in mind that some teas like green tea contain caffeine which is the reason why infusion can be a better solution.

At the same time, refrain from drinking coffee before going to sleep as its primary purpose is to stimulate the brain. The same goes for alcohol intake and eating sugary, salty snacks, and unhealthy food, which are the common causes of troubles falling asleep.

For some people relaxing is just applying a face mask, taking time for a hobby, or having a chat with beloved ones. Sharing things that are frustrating is good. It’s like releasing the bad. Sharing the feelings out loud helps you understand and realize the importance of things people often keep to themselves.

Preparing The Environment

Going to sleep requires a quiet, peaceful, and prepared environment. It means cutting off electronic devices: no phone, no tv and no laptop for at least an hour before going to sleep. They are distractions. It doesn’t mean that people aren’t allowed to watch their favourite shows or movies at night, but the brain needs some time to relax after.

A clean place also helps feeling better: new or freshly washed sheets can do the trick. Checking the condition of the bedding is also really important. Individuals are spending the third of their lives in their bed, which is quite a significant amount of time. Old bedding can cause health issues like muscular problems and guess what? Difficulties to sleep well.

The temperature is also very important. To fall asleep easily, the room shouldn’t be too warm or too cold but at a comfortable temperature. Open the windows to let the air circulate at night. It provides oxygen which is important for a good sleep. Try a room humidifier for those winter nights when the air is dry. A good idea to incorporate small things which make for a happy and peaceful night such as candles, cosy blankets, or fluffy slippers.

Some Extra Help

If the previous tips aren’t working or more is needed, you can try out some extra help by using the following methods:

  • Aromatherapy. Trying essential oil diffusion seems to be working as well. Each essential oil has its own purpose. It can be calming, helping with sleep or even relaxing. The possibilities and choices are quite endless. They can be used on their own or even mixed together if needed. However, having an oil diffuser can be quite expensive. There’s a solution for that: rubbing a drop or essential oil on the inside of the wrist or dropping some on the pillows or in the bathtub can work wonders;
  • CBD products. Cannabidiol (or just CBD) is a natural compound that is known to relieve pain and chronic aches, anxiety, stress, and depression without severe side effects, unlike most medications or sleeping pills. CBD benefits allow to shut off your brain, fall asleep faster, and wake up more rested and refreshed. Today, you can find cannabidiol in many forms and types of products: CBD oil, capsules, gummies, creams, and even vape pens. A rather large field of possibilities to please everyone’s tastes and fulfil needs of each particular person;
  • Melatonin consumption. Melatonin helps a lot as it is a natural hormone that plays a crucial role in your sleep-wake cycle and triggers sleep. It is made mainly by the pineal gland located in the brain and released in response to darkness, yet suppressed by light. Considering its importance, the intake of melatonin can help to ease sleep problems like insomnia. Either it can be taken as a tablet, or it can be found in different fruits and vegetables such as banana, oranges, tomatoes, and cherries.

Final Words

Nowadays, there are plenty of solutions out there for people that are having different sleep issues. Reading a book, writing a journal, doing some workout at the end of the day are among others. Determining the cause of insomnia can also help in finding the right solution.

Lack of or difficulties to sleep and staying asleep can happen to everyone. The smallest frustration can cause it, but it’s not helpless as it can be fixed. Solutions are offered, and once again, they are endless and natural. Everyone can follow those simple instructions. Getting ready for sleep won’t be an issue forever. Sometimes it can take some time, but in the end, sleep will definitely be there. Get ready to travel one way to dreamland!

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