Thinking of Weight Loss Surgery ? Read now

Thinking of Weight Loss Surgery ? Read now

Weight loss surgery is the latest craze in obesity treatment. Earlier, open gastric weight loss surgeries were the only alternative. With the coming of laparoscopic surgeries, things are not the same again. The popular Weight loss surgery in Ahmedabad is laparoscopic, which is also known by the name laparoscopic gastric bypass surgery. On the other hand, weight loss is one of the most important benefits of this surgery. This change is noticeable during the first 12 months after the surgery is carried out. As a result, of weight loss as well as resulting lowering of Body Mass Index, certain ailments like diabetes, CAD or coronary artery disease and hypertension or high blood pressure can be effectively treated.

What occurred in a Weight Loss Surgery?

Weight Loss Surgery is an extensive procedure and involves several kinds of metabolic alterations made to help you lose weight. They are all minimally invasive method (laparoscopic surgery). These changes made to your digestive system will reduce your calorie intake resulting in slow and long lasting weight loss. One or all of the following ways can represent the weight loss surgery process:

  • Limiting the amount of food your stomach can hold so that you eat smaller meals and thus lose weight.
  • Reduced absorption of some of the calories and nutrients in the foods you eat.
  • Lowering your hunger-causing hormones (GI hormones) with the result that you feel less hungry.

Weight Loss Surgery

Who eligible for Weight loss surgery?

Weight loss surgery isn’t necessarily for everyone who is fat or overweight. As a patient, you must meet certain criteria and given medical guidelines to qualify for the process. Before scheduling your surgery, your surgeon will measure your candidature and the most appropriate type of procedure that will suit your anatomy. Gastric Bypass or Gastric Banding can benefit you if, Your BMI is 40 or higher.

  • If you have a serious weight-related health problem like diabetes, high blood pressure of sleep apnoea, your BMI is that case should be in between 35-39.
  • A BMI of 35-40 if you experience from the above health issues or a combination of the same, known as the metabolic syndrome.

The way of life Changes After Weight Loss Surgery

You can get exceptional results from weight loss surgery in Ahmedabad. You’ll have to back those up with way of life changes to keep the pounds off.

After a successful surgery, it is extremely important that the patient follows up the positive diet by doctors. Patients are specifically allowed to go home 48 hours after the surgery. By following the prescribed lifestyle, exercise and eating habits, patients can return back to regular life activities in no time.

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