Tips for Skinny Girls to Gain Weight Quickly

Tips for Skinny Girls to Gain Weight Quickly

Everyone wants to look presentable and for that, health plays an important role. You must have heard the saying – ‘excess of everything is bad’. This is applicable in almost every field and health is not an exception. Those who are too fat or too skinny can relate to this. Just as fat people have so many things in the name of precautions and advise, the thin ones too have some tips to practice.

Whatever is your weight, you are the only perfect person to play your role in this world. The only need to work on the health part is to avoid the issues and threats that can become bigger later.

Eat more calories than you burn

Your intake should be more than your consumption of calories. In fact, all then gym and fitness instructors, start their diet chart with a discussion on the calories. According to the basic requirement, you need 300-500 calories every day. However, if you want fast results you need to have 700-1000 calories. Your needs may vary as everyone has different body type and consumption of calories is different. Appetite stimulants like apetamin syrup are helpful in gaining weight.

By the way, it is also advisable to join gym, it does not only turn fat people into thin, but also turns thin into healthy. If worried about gym fees as the young girls have so many plans they need to have money. In case, there is a scarcity of funds, there are many quick loans in Ireland that are available irrespective of purpose. After all, young people usually do jobs and can easily manage the small instalments of such loans. Why not you do the same.

Plenty of protein is perfect

Protein delivers power to every part of your body. Our muscles are made of protein and it is a vital part of daily diet. If you want to gain weight then take 0.7 – 1 grams of every pound of your body weight. You can go above this if your calorie consumption is more. Eat high protein foods for instance – fish, eggs, meat, dairy products, nuts etc.

Eat more often

Do not keep big gaps in your meals. Keep eating in small quantity. Skinny girls especially those in teenage goes through many hormonal changes and they really need to take proper diet. Frequent and small meals help keep the continuous flow of energy in the body. Light snacks (that are not bad for health), fruit salads, juices, salty things are good to have.

Drink milk

Whole milk is the best way to have a better intake of protein and calories. At least drink two times in a day. Make it a habit, if you don’t like, pair it with something tasty. This is in fact a suggestion that is popular and ubiquitous from the time of your granny. For sure you can bring back some good memories on this.

Use bigger plates

This is more like treating the psychology. Smaller plates naturally make you eat less. Take the big plates for the main meals especially for breakfast and lunch. Girls, you have many things to do in daily routine. School, college activities, weekend late night parties, sports activities, so much to do. You cannot afford to bear weakness as the consequences of low blood pressure, feeling feverish and irritated all the time become obvious.

No junk food

In the hurry to gain weight, the young blood girls consider junk food a convenient way. But that is not playing any good role. It is in fact an enemy in the disguise of a friend. ‘Cheesy things will add calories and will make me fat fast’ if this is something that comes in mind, please change it. Healthy food is irreplaceable in importance when it comes to the need of gaining weight. Do not eat out much, the home cooked food is much better in proteins and vitamins than the one available out there.

Drink more water

Drinking a lot of water everyday helps to drain out the hazardous toxins from the body. It also improves appetite and in turn the daily diet. Thin people also have the tendency to eat less, they do not feel hungry and if that continues for long, it affects the health. The body in fact adopt the habit of eating less despite the need of the body parts to have food at small intervals.

The above ways can be extended to abundant ways but at least start from basics. Stay positive and stay healthy in lifestyle.

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