Tips on Choosing the Best Vape Juice for Your Needs

Tips on Choosing the Best Vape Juice for Your Needs

You’ve gone through the trouble of choosing a piece of vaping equipment that best suits your needs and lifestyle. But before you can enjoy using and exploring that to your heart’s content, you need to take the time and effort to shop for e-juice options, too. We’ve put together a roundup of helpful tips to guide you through the buying process, though. With this list, buying e-juice is now a lot easier for you.

Research Your Options

Finding affordable e-juices is easy when you research your options. If you’re thorough, you’ll find stores and brands that provide the best vape juice products, all with reasonable prices. Know the reputation and background of the sellers before you shop online. How long has the business been in place? Who are the

Pay Attention to the Flavor

E-juices and their flavors bring the vaping experience to an entirely different level. If you love trying out different flavors, you’ll enjoy giving different flavors a try. If you’re new at this, though, it’s safe to stick to tastes that you know and love, the Residence Style suggests. Sweet flavors are common, but you’ll also find minty and even cigarette flavors available. Some also offer exotic flavors. Exploring inventories online will likely net you a long list of potential options.

Check the Nicotine Level

Low nicotine levels are ideal if you’re trying to cut back down on the nicotine, containing about 6 mg of nicotine or even less than that. For average smokers, get e-juices with about 9 mg to 16 mg of nicotine. That will help you adjust instead of going straight for e-juices with little to no nicotine content. If you’re a typical chain smoker, though, you’ll enjoy e-juices with about 18 mg to 36 mg of nicotine, London Loves Business notes. Just keep in mind that if the nicotine levels are too high, you’ll end up with a headache, so don’t overdo it.

Determine the Ratio

The main base of your vape juice is made from vegetable glycerol or propylene glycol. You can combine both or pick solutions with a higher VG or PG content. Higher PG levels create a weak vapor, and those that have more VG content create thick vapor clouds. If you’re looking for a better throat hit, your e-juices should contain more PG. However, just make sure you aren’t allergic to PG. If you feel any itchiness in your throat or start having breathing problems with a PG-based solution, switch to the normal ratio.

Shop Smart

When you look for options, choose retailers with a trusted reputation in the marketplace. E-juices from companies with a dubious and dicey reputation are the last thing you want. If you aren’t sure about your safety when you use the e-juices, give that firm a wide berth, and order from reputable sites instead. Go over the return policy, delivery terms, and shipping options to get a clear idea of what you can expect when you buy your e-juices and other vaping supplies from the firm.

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