Tips to Recover Properly after Cataract Surgery

Tips to Recover Properly after Cataract Surgery

Recovery time after a cataract surgery is not too long, until and unless you follow all the instructions, stated to you, by the surgeon. It is also very important to visit the doctor for regular follow-ups, as appointed by the surgeon so that you can minimize the recovery time and avoid all types of issues. 

A cataract surgery at NewVision Clinics usually takes just 10 minutes to perform, i.e., if there are no complications. Typically after a surgery, you are required to rest in the resting area for half an hour, to wear off the effects of sedation. Also, it is crucial to secure your eyes from bright lights, thus, you are required to wear a pair of sunglasses when heading back home. 

It is best to stay on rest mode for at least a day because you don’t want to stress your eyes. Also, you will be instructed by the surgeon, as to when you can remove the protective shield from the eye. It is usually a few hours but it might vary, depending on the severity of your issue. 

How to Minimize Recovery Time from Cataract Surgery?

Cataract surgery is not a huge procedure and you would be good to manage your daily chores and return to your routine within a day or maximum two days. However, there are some crucial precautions that you need to take. 

It is important to follow everything that your surgeon states to you. Make sure that you understand your prescription properly after the surgery. And to recover safely and speedily, you can follow these tips that we have stated below. 

  1. Do not drive on the day of the surgery and the day after that either. It is best to not drive for a few days altogether. 
  2. Don’t indulge in activities that put a lot of strain on you. Avoid heavy lifting. 
  3. After the surgery, avoid bending over alot for the entire day as it will stress the eye. 
  4. Try your best to not sneeze after the procedure. If you can, control it and try to sneeze lightly. 
  5. Be extremely careful when walking after the surgery. It is best to have someone beside you, to help you. You don’t want to bump into anything and cause a mess for your eye. 
  6. Don’t rub your eye. You might feel a lot of irritation but you need to control it. 
  7. After surgery, try to avoid activities that include a lot of light. Avoid computer and TV screens for at least a day. If you work at an office, ask for 2 days off. 
  8. Do not shower after the surgery. 

Along with these, follow all the important instructions that have been provided to you by your doctor for a speedy recovery. Make sure that you eat all your medicines and put eye drops on time. These will ensure that your eye recovers on time, safely.

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