Types of Dental Fillings

Types of Dental Fillings

A dental filling is one treatment procedure is the most common and known procedure. People have a fair idea as to what it is and how is it done. But do we know when do we need this procedure?

Normally, your dentist will go ahead with this treatment option if you have a cavity. Cavity infects the tooth which should be taken care of immediately. This is because ignoring it for long can lead to further complications which you will surely like to avoid.

Besides the cavity, the other areas where people need to undergo this process is when they have chipped or cracked tooth. This can be due to an accident or trauma. Having chipped or cracked tooth will expose the tooth surface which will them be prone to cavities. Getting filings on time will cover the exposed area, thus, preventing the infection from spreading.

So, today let’s just talk about the number of options available in fillings and which one to go with.

If we go back by half a decade, you will find that the only filling options we had were of mercury or metal fillings. Those days anyone who wanted to get fillings would go for either mercury or metal. But the advancements in the dental industry have widened the options for the patients and now have options on the basis of their need and preference.

A few options available today are:

Silver Filling

This is the most common filling option which people take into consideration at large. Since a long time now people go for this option. The reasons for the same is:

They are highly durable. They can stay on your tooth for 10 – 12 years at max which is more than many. Moreover, because they are solid in nature, hence, they can withstand all chewing and biting forces causing no harm to the tooth.

The problem they carry with them is that they have aesthetic concerns attached. Because they are made up of silver, hence, are clearly visible from a distance. It is, therefore, suitable for back teeth. another issue with such filling is that they need a larger space to fit in which results in removing many parts of the natural tooth. Another reason is that being a metal it can contract or relax as per the temperature.

Composite Filling

The biggest advantage it carries is that there are no aesthetic concerns attached to such filling. They can be easily matched with the color of your tooth and are the most suitable option, especially for front teeth. As they are chemically bonded, it thus gets extra support and such material besides being a good alternative for filling can also help to repair broken and chipped teeth or the teeth that have worn off. Unlike silver which needs more space to get the filling fixed, the composite filling demands less space thus saving your natural tooth.

The problems associated with such fillings is that they do not have the strength as that of the other fillings. As a result, they cannot withstand high forces and are not a good option for larger areas.

Glass Ionomer

As the name suggests, these are made of acrylic and special type of glass and is most suitable for filling below the gumline or for filings in young children. They are good for kids because they release fluoride which anyways is recommended to the kids.

The issue with such material is that they are not strong enough and hence, are prone to fracture. Also, the lifespan of such fillings is not much and can wear off or can damage easily.

Ceramic Filling

Ceramic fillings are the most durable and overpower the aesthetic concerns. Being made of porcelain they are stain resistant and strong. It is strong enough to withstand all chewing and biting forces. Moreover, because they are tooth-colored therefore they resemble your natural tooth and are, therefore, fit for front teeth as well as back teeth.

The problem they carry is that since it is made of ceramic, therefore, they need a larger area which results in more loss of the natural tooth.

Tooth cavity filling option is what people now look for before visiting the dentist. But your dentist is the right person to let you know about various option and which one to opt for. This is because though there are pros and cons for each, but the other important point is the cost. tooth cavity filling cost varies from filling to filling. So, visit a dentist nearby and get your fillings fixed. And yes you do have option from which to choose. Not chocolate though.

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