Ultra Thin DSAEK: Discussing the Procedure

Ultra Thin DSAEK: Discussing the Procedure

The Descemet’s Stripping Automated Endothelial Keratoplasty normally called as DSAEK, is a partial thickness corneal transplant which restores just the innermost layer of the cornea. The ultra thin DSAEK is a new surgical procedure that bears serious upgrades over conformist corneal transplantations for particular evidences. The surgical procedure itself acquires less time, comprises a littler surgical cut, needs inconsequential join, has a shorter recovering time, and a earlier visual recovery.


DSAEK technique is carried out as a day procedure, outpatient approach. In spite of the fact that you won’t be snoozing in the middle of the methodology, you will be provided sedation and a neighbourhood painkiller to keep you satisfying all through the procedure. The professionals at International Sight Restoration Eye Bank, makes a small cut similar to that made in the course of waterfall surgery. A device is then utilized to empty the infected interior layer of the cornea. The sound inner layer of an organ supporter cornea is then entrenched into the eye and kept up association with the exploitation of an air bubble which is left in the eye.

In the mid of the surgery patients may undergo weight around the eye, nevertheless there is no suffering and most patients state that the experience was really affable. After the method a patch will be set above the eye and you will come back home where you are instructed to have a rest for the rest of the day lying level on your once more to keep the air in opposition to the corneal transplant.

Key Advantages of DSAEK:

  • Better Vision
  • Less astigmatism in comparison with corneal transplantation
  • Fast curing and more quick visual recuperation
  • A smaller amount risk of astigmatic alterations and eye loss

So, get the procedure of Ultra Thin DSAEK done now for your beautiful eye and make yourself competent to see this enormously pleasant world.

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