Uninsured with COVID-19: How Hospital Bills Get Paid

Uninsured with COVID-19: How Hospital Bills Get Paid

The COVID-19 situation is one of the most economically detrimental crises seen in decades. Due to the highly contagious nature of the Coronavirus infection, the disease’s virulence is very rapid. Also, there is no known cure for the pandemic due to a lack of the proper trace of the virus.

Due to these concerns, the only safety measure we can take is to maintain social distancing. The governments across the globe have imposed strict lockdown to avoid people coming in contact with each other as much as possible.

Due to this, unfortunately, many people cannot continue with their regular chorus, including work. Hence, they are not able to earn their livelihood and have to shell out of their savings.

For those who fall prey to the pandemic, going through the hospitalization process is daunting. Once diagnosed with the disease, a patient may have to get hospitalized for up to two weeks. For someone who has breathing difficulty, being on an artificial respirator and other similar medical procedures are inevitable.

Things like these add to the total hospitalization cost. Due to the economic loss and dwindling financial resources, the hospitalization cost can wreak havoc on some people.

Medical insurance can be the ultimate aid that can take care of the total hospitalization and procedural cost. However, it is not always a plausible option. Many people have to live with the denial of medical insurance. It adds to the frustration and may even affect their overall recovery time.

The medical billing companies can help you get the insurance claim approved. Below are some points that will help with covid hospital bills.

1 You Get an Approval

The medical billing companies have good ken of the process. Some health insurance companies look for ways to do away with the claim and make you feel that the request is not worth a trial. There are several reasons why a claim can get rejected.

One of the most typical reasons for the denial of the claim is the pre-existence of a disease. For people with a continual or prolonged health problem that manifests itself in the COVID-19 situation, the rejection is most likely. Hence, for those who have had a repetitive lung disorder before getting the insurance, the denial is expected.

The insurance company may fob off the patient by stating the reason for disapproval is that the pre-existing condition cannot be considered.

Another common reason for the denial of the claim is that the firm does not cover pandemic claims. This problem may arise, especially if someone has got the policy after the onset of the pandemic. While getting coverage during the epidemic, one may assume that it covers the COVID-19.

The medical billing company, like ClaimMedic, is known to get the issue resolved and get your claim approved.

2 They Look At Every Detail of Your Medical Billing

Medical billing is a complex process. It is subject to a lot of mistakes, including human error and algorithmic computer mistakes. In both these cases, it is the patient that has to bear the loss.

There are instances when due to mistaken billing, i.e., wrong categorization of the disease, medicines, and medical procedures, some customers get low bills; however, such instances are exceptional and are ways to justify the billing system’s inherent defect.

The medical billing companies have a better understanding of the overall workings of the hospital billing system. ClaimMedic, e.g., has been in the industry for over three decades.

They factor in everything that affects the hospitalization costs. They know how to deal with erroneous billing and correct the errors. The result is that you get the claim with a large part approved by the insurer.

3 You Get the Peace of Mind

Having gone through the COVID-19 situation like the lockdown and being unable to meet the family’s financial needs is daunting in the first place. Secondly, contracting a Coronavirus disease adds significantly to the mental and physical stress of the patient. Most people infected by the virus report extreme tiredness and exhaustion.

Many people recover from this illness with medications while resting at home. However, some have to get hospitalized for weeks. Such people have the most impact on their morale. Imagine how multiplied their pain would be if they have a rejected claim.

Also, the consequences of such a rejected claim are that they have to pay from their reservoir. Alternatively, the debt gets written off and sold to a third-party debt collection agency. This affects their credit rating, and the repetitive collections activity makes you feel hounded. All in all, the process is cyclic and very disappointing.

The medical billing firms like ClaimMedic can help with COVID hospital bills and get the peace of mind.

To Conclude

Medical billing is a viable option that will help with COVID hospital bills.

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