Why You Need to Start Using a Therapeutic Weighted Blanket

Why You Need to Start Using a Therapeutic Weighted Blanket

There aren’t many treatments that can say they help soothe a wide range of problems. Sure, painkillers can ease your headaches, broken bones, and menstrual cramps, but the common denominator between all three comes back to pain, doesn’t it? Imagine if you could soothe anxiety, insomnia, and issues caused by sensory processing disorders all with one product. Well, if you get yourself a high quality Therapeutic Weighted Blanket from Huggaroo, you can!

Who Benefits From Weighted Blanket Therapy?

Huggaroo is the shining star of the modern weighted blanket market, featured in several publications and even invited to the 2019 pre-Oscars GBK Luxury Gifting Lounge! They’re loved by people from every walk of life, from busy parents and housewives to the stars that bring your favorite characters to life, and it’s all thanks to their dedication to customer service and quality. When you get your first Huggaroo therapeutic weighted blanket, you’ll find it’s nothing short of perfect because the perfectionist founders of Huggaroo would never settle for anything less. Company founders Drs. Wendy and Marty Jordanov know well that the first step to good treatment is quality insurance, and it shows in the products they sell to parents and families just like them.

Researching Weighted Blankets

So how can one blanket help people who suffer from so many different conditions? The secret boils down to the doctor duo’s understanding of how the body and the mind work. There has been much research done into the health effects of Deep Pressure Therapy (also called Deep Pressure Stimulation), particularly the way it interacts with your physical body to create a mental reaction. In layman’s terms, when you apply gentle pressure to your body, your nervous system transforms it into a signal that is carried up to your brain. That signal tells your brain you are safe and secure, and so your brain stops making stress hormones and switches over to the happy chemicals we use when we’re feeling good and ready to calm down. So, in a way, the clever Huggaroo blankets convince your brain to let you relax and feel good even if that wasn’t its original plan.

Using Your Therapeutic Weighted Blanket

This handy trick is especially useful when fighting against anxiety because anxiety has a nasty habit of making our brains lie to us. We could be cozied up in our beds with locked doors on a completely peaceful night and still feel like something terrible is going to happen because anxiety is feeding our brain all kinds of ideas and reasons to be stressed out. Huggaroo’s therapeutic weighted blanket acts like an objective third party, one that can see past anxiety’s lies and convince your brain of the truth – that you are safe at home and perfectly secure.

The gentle pressure of the weighted blanket is grounding and helps remind your brain to focus on what’s really around you, instead of the chaos in your head. This pull away from racing thoughts is also how the Huggaroo weighted blanket soothes away anxiety, and the gentle pressure of the blanket’s weight brings comfort to restless legs. Many people suffering from sensory processing disorders – especially children – also find comfort in the gentle but firm press of their Huggaroo blanket where other, lighter blankets would have caused irritation and severe distress.

The best part of all this? The Huggaroo weighted blanket is a drug-free treatment. Whether you’re a firm believer in natural treatments or simply trying to cut back on the number of side-effects and medicines you have to juggle, Huggaroo’s premium quality weighted blanket is the perfect way to soothe whatever is troubling you and finally get a good night’s rest.

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