How Vaping Can Reduce the Risks to Your Health

How Vaping Can Reduce the Risks to Your Health

Thousands of people have been able to stop smoking tobacco cigarettes by switching to electronic cigarettes. By switching, they were able to step down the amount of nicotine they consumed until they were able to completely quit smoking or use only e-juice with no nicotine. Vaping can a be a healthier way to smoke if you don’t want to totally give up the habit.


No Known Risks

Unlike tobacco cigarettes, there are no known health risks associated with vaping. While tobacco cigarettes contain up to 4,000 toxic chemicals, including many that cause cancer, electronic cigarettes do not contain any. This means that it is not likely that vapers will develop cancer, emphysema, or the many other diseases caused by traditional smoking.

E-cigarettes produce “smoke�? when the vaper pushes a button to ignite and take a puff from it. The element inside of the electronic cigarette heats the cartridge and the e-juice, which is made from ingredients that are approved for use in the food, pharmaceutical, and cosmetic industries. They also use food flavorings that are commonly used in commercial foods to add a wide variety of flavors to e-juice.

When the e-juice burns and the vaper takes a puff from his or her e-cigarette, it produces water vapor which is harmless to both the vaper and those in the surrounding area. Since there are no toxic substances in e-juice, it is less likely to cause lung problems when the vapor draws the vapor into the throat and lungs. In addition, it will not cause other complications such as heart disease, cancers, and high blood pressure.

No Second-Hand Smoke

In addition to not being harmful to the vaper, there is no second-hand smoke, so there is no danger to people in the vicinity of the vapers using electronic cigarettes. The smoke from tobacco cigarettes is filled with toxins, so those exposed to it are at risk of developing many of the same diseases as smokers. However, since there are no toxins in e-juice, it can be considered an e-health cigarette and many times it can be enjoyed in places that ban the smoking of tobacco products.

Although they are not a health risk like tobacco cigarettes, laws vary from state to state with some states not classifying them, but with some outlawing the sale of electronic cigarettes and e-juice because it contains nicotine. In addition, most places that ban smoking do not allow vaping and it is also illegal in some states for people to vape in vehicles with children present. Before you vape in public places, you should be aware of your local laws to avoid being fined.

No Other Dangers

Since tobacco cigarettes need to be lit with fire to be smoked, there are other dangers associated with them such as accidentally starting fires when the smoker falls asleep or starting grass fires when a lit cigarette is thrown onto the ground. Since e-cigarettes use batteries and not matches or lighters, there is no risk of accidental fires. Switching to electronic cigarettes can allow you to enjoy smoking without risking your life.

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