How to Vent Out My Anger without Hurting Anyone?

How to Vent Out My Anger without Hurting Anyone?

Every day stresses can overburden you. No matter if you’re frustrated or anxious, the way to just vent your emotions out can hurt people around you.

It’s true that most of the time, the demons inside us harm our relationships more rather than the external forces. You must have heard of an unhappy marriage where people fell out of love because their fights around small issues started to take an ugly face. Also, broken family bonds where the siblings hated each other so much that mentioning the name is enough to spark a debate. There have been many friendships gone to the grave because of a nonsense fight due to jealousy. It’s easier to blame something or someone for ruining a good relationship but the truth lies within us. It’s our incapabilities to find the right solution to the problem.
While your reason for anger or venting out could be different but it’s evident that hurting someone is very possible. Emotional turmoils can consume your mind completely where your actual sense of right and wrong will blur out. If you’re afraid of letting your inner demons out then practice the following ways at the time you need to vent:

  1. Meditation: Meditation is the best tool to make your life easier in a fraction of minutes. Just pause, meditate and play- whenever you feel pressurised.
  2. Vent to someone: Confide yourself in someone who understands you well. They must know that what you scream out during anger isn’t a personal attack. Also, you should confirm, from time to time, if they’re okay after one of those sessions. Gratitude towards such angels in  life is very important as well.
  3. Vent online anonymously: It’s completely harmless and effective to scribble out your anger on a venting website. Don’t feel apprehensive. Just imagine, when you’re in a situation where it’s inappropriate to talk your feelings out, how a simple posting can make your mind calm. Many people resort to anonymously connecting with like-minded people and sharing their tough times.
  4. Therapy: It’s good to consult a doctor if you think you require a professional’s help for anger management. Though it’s an expensive process for every day problems, you might get benefitted out of it.
  5. Distraction: It’s a kindergarten technique which seems to be working well for adults too. Young children have limited knowledge of emotions as part of their innocence. Hence, when mentors and parents are dealing with a finicky kid, they tend to distract them with something nicer like a toy or a candy. Taking references from here, when you find yourself getting angry too often, find an activity that gives you pleasure like watching your favourite movie, listening to soothing music, taking a turbo-nap or going for stroll in a park.

Will these ways to just vent out be useful to me?

It depends how open you are about moulding your habits. While some people are enjoying the new way of venting online, some take the traditional route. Anger is natural and dangerous. Hence, make sure you’re not hurting a dear one with your mean words. It’s basically your decision to control the damage not just to others but to yourself as well.

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