Weight Loss Tips: The Four Best Tricks From Professionals And Trainers

Weight Loss Tips: The Four Best Tricks From Professionals And Trainers

How can I lose weight healthily? Competitive athletes, personal trainers, influencers and the experts at XpertKonjacAvis will help you: Here are the four most effective weight loss tips.

Why are Instagram fitness icons such as Jeanette Jenkins and Shauna Harrison or celebrity trainers so popular?

Quite simply: They do not force their clients and followers into senseless diets, eating cotton balls soaked in juice, chewing tobacco instead of sweets or swallowing tapeworm eggs (people really did that to lose weight).

No, the best experts today find ways to combine individual weight loss training with a targeted food schedule so that we can feel completely at ease.

We asked well-known personal coaches, doctors, competitive athletes and influencers how they keep themselves and their customers fit and in shape – and also used various studies.

These are the four best training and weight loss tips.

1. Calculate calorie needs and eat regularly

We also recommend regular meals: If you eat only irregularly and often skip meals outside the interval fasting phases, your body and your appetite are mixed up. The fatal consequence: cravings.

You pounce on everything that is edible and starve much more into yourself than is necessary.

Why? In short: Our brain needs glucose to function properly. But those who skip the healthy snack or lunch are hypoglycemia. For example, a protein calorie is not the same as a fat calories. Also, Xpert Konjac, obtained from the roots of the konjac plant, has a very low calorie product like the previous example.

So the brain is no longer able to regulate the appetite and to resist an orgy or going to the fridge at night.

Weight Loss2. Proper nutrition

( Lirienne Chicoine – nutritionist – founder of “XpertKonjacAvis.com” and author )
These carbohydrates promote inflammation and lifestyle diseases in our body. This is counteracted by dietary fiber and the still underestimated innumerable phytochemicals that are found in vegetables as bitter, coloring and flavoring agents.

A Mediterranean diet, such as is cultivated in Italy, Spain, Greece, Israel, and southern France, is rich in vegetable fat from olive oil, nuts, and seeds. It lowers body weight better than a low-fat diet. It also significantly reduces the risk of heart attack, stroke.

3. Increase basal metabolism

Every kilo of extra muscles means an increase in basic metabolism of almost 100 kcal/day.

If you gain 4 kg of muscle through strength workouts, that means almost 400 kcal more basal metabolism (corresponds to around 45 minutes of cycling, and that every day).

Endurance training comes in second place for losing weight. In the ideal case, you train four times a week: twice pure strength training, once strength in combination with interval, once purely endurance training.

Your units, ideally by a trainer, should be structured in such a way that strength, endurance, speed, agility, and coordination occur. However, strength training is a priority. “

4. Eat slower & more attentively

Honestly: Do you eat in peace and consciously – or do you quickly rush down your meals in a hurry? If you gulp, you have no chance of feeling full.

The subjective feeling of satiety only begins after 15 to 20 minutes. Slow connoisseurs will feel the satiety point after eating less and stop eating.

So devote yourself completely to your meals – without having to paddle on your cell phone, watch TV, read the newspaper or make calls. Keyword: more mindfulness.

Your body tells you when it has enough. It is best not to tense your stomach after eating and hurt. “

A breathing exercise helps to slow down: inhale and count slowly to five, exhale again and count to five. Repeat the exercise three to five times before you eat.

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