What are the Advantages of Yoga?

What are the Advantages of Yoga?

Did you know that yoga can cure more than 100 diseases? Not just curing the existing diseases, it also prevents various other dangerous diseases. Yoga which was originally from India is now practised by people across the globe.

What is yoga?

Yoga is both an art and science of healthy living. It focuses on maintaining harmony between the body and the mind. It consists of various breathing exercises, meditation and postures or commonly known as asanas that improve our physical and mental health. It boosts our body’s ability to heal itself.

Let’s look at a few advantages of practising Yoga.

Advantages of practising yoga

Improving heart health

Heart is the most essential organ of your body. A healthy heart is important for a healthy living.

The different postures in yoga reduce the risk factors that cause various heart diseases. It lowers blood pressure and helps in weight loss. Controlled blood pressure reduces the risk of heart strokes and attacks.

It also reduces the cholesterol content in our body. Less cholesterol also reduces the risk of various heart diseases. People with heart diseases are also recommended to practise yoga to slow down the progression of heart diseases.

Reduces chronic pains

Many people are suffering with chronic pains in different parts of their body caused due to injuries or diseases like arthritis. There are different poses in yoga that help in reducing these chronic pains. Yoga is a proven and effective way to strengthen your bones and muscles. Strong bones and muscles will reduce the persisting chronic pains, also it will reduce the occurrence of such pains in future. You can incorporate CBD oil with yoga to enhance your experience and recover sore joints and muscles (visit Healthcanal to learn more)

Improves flexibility and balance

Yoga makes the body flexible and maintains balance. The various poses of yoga trigger your muscles and bones making them stronger and flexible. This reduces the risk of fractures and muscular tears. It is proven that the bodies of people practising yoga are four times more flexible than people who don’t. Incorporating yoga in your daily routine boosts the performance of your body.

Improves respiration

Pranayama and anulom vilom are the major breathing practises done in yoga. These breathing exercises help in the treatment and prevention of asthma and other respiratory diseases. These exercises focus on controlled breath. This improves the function of the lungs. The vital capacity of the lungs is also improved. Vital capacity is the maximum amount of air that can be expelled out of the body. Improved vital capacity reduces the risk of asthma, lung diseases and heart diseases.

Weight loss

The various postures of yoga effectively tune our body. It improves the metabolism of our body. It burns the extra calories and fats leading to weight loss. It reduces obesity, hence reducing the risk of various diseases like heart strokes, blood pressure, diabetes, and many more. It is recommended to practise yoga for at least 15 minutes everyday.

Improves sleep quality

Poor sleep quality or insufficient sleep can lead to obesity, high blood pressure, depression, weakness and many other health complications. Regular practise of yoga promotes good quality and quantity sleep. It also helps to fall asleep faster. Patients with insomnia, and lymphoma are advised to practise yoga daily to treat the persisting sleep disorders and reduce the intake of sleep inducing medications.

Reduces stress

Yoga has exercises that improve both physical and mental health. A hormone called Cortisol is responsible for causing stress and anxiety. We reduce the secretion of this hormone naturally through yoga. It also treats the effects of stress like weakness, anxiety, and depression. The various exercises in yoga promote relaxation to the brain. It also calms the nervous system which apparently reduces the strain and stress caused to the mind. Thus, yoga improves the quality of our mental health.

Not just these, there are many more benefits of yoga. But yoga can also have equal bad impacts on our body if it is not practised in the right way.

Every pose and exercise in yoga has a particular method to do it. There are some precautions that should be taken while performing yoga. Even the simplest techniques have some rules to follow.

Practising yoga in the wrong way can be the cause of various diseases. It is more dangerous than not performing yoga at all. There are so many yoga retreats in India for your rescue. You can learn and practise yoga in the right way from the professionals of a yoga retreat.At yoga retreats, the yoga experts will teach you different postures based on your body and the complications you want to cure or prevent.

It is recommended to practise yoga under professional supervision to acquire best results.

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