What Are The Common Arm Injuries? How Can You Seek The Advice of Solicitor?

What Are The Common Arm Injuries? How Can You Seek The Advice of Solicitor?

In the human body, the arm is one of the main parts of the upper body connected with shoulder joints. From below side, the arm is connected with hand with the help of the wrist. Human arm also has a joint which helps to extend the arm. Any injury to the arm can cause a real problem. If you are involved in an accident, which causes you injuries, you can claim compensation. If you get injuries due to the negligence of someone else, you can claim compensation. It’s your legal right to claim the compensation.

Common Arm injuries

There are various types of arm injuries. Some common arm injuries are:

  • Bruises
  • Broken radius
  • Dislocation
  • Broken wrist
  • Tendon
  • Muscle Tears

You can claim for every kind of arm injury. Minor arm injuries need relaxation and therapy only. However, the severe injuries need proper medication, or in worse cases, surgery is the last option.

Broken Arm

A broken arm is quite common in the UK, and famous for compensation claims. You know, the arm injuries can cause real pain and can reduce the motion of the hands. In adults, breakage of the upper arm is quite common. However, in children, they usually suffer from a lower arm injury.

The most common causes of a broken arm are a collision with objects, fall from a height, or in a workplace accident.

Dislocated elbow

Dislocation of the elbow is also common. Dislocation of the bone occurs when the bone of the forearm comes out of the elbow joint. This is a painful condition and can cause immobility problems. The common cause of elbow dislocation is a slip, trip, fall, or road accident. In a road accident, the chances are high that you will get arm dislocation or tendons problems.

In some severe condition, this dislocation can damage the nerve of the nearby area. This condition can make your hand disable and in addition, you can’t feel the hand or arm.

Bicep tendonitis

The front area of the upper arm is known as bicep. This area is attached with two joints, one from the shoulder and other from the elbow side. Any overloading or overuse of tendons can cause inflammation and swelling.

Accidents that can damage your arm

Arm injuries can be real bruises for the victim. As you know, we do most of the works with our hands. So injury to the arm can cause severe pain and make you discomfort. You can suffer from arm injuries in various type of accidents. These accidents include:

Road accidents

Road accidents are at the top spot. In a road accident, you suffer from various injuries, in which arm injuries are common. You can suffer arm dislocation, rupture or tear of muscles. This can cause a painful sensation. In road or vehicle accident, you collide with other objects or moving vehicle. The collision generates a massive force which can rupture your bones and tendons. The risk of getting injuries will increase if you are riding a bike.

You can minimize road accidents if you proper safety equipment while driving the vehicle. You can also use safety gadgets and can follow the traffic law and rules to ensure that you are in a safe zone.

Workplace injuries

Workplace injuries can also cause injuries to the arm and other body parts. Like you know, some professions are at high risk of injuries such as carpenter, labor, or an electrician. In this profession, you repeatedly work with the same hand and joint. The repeat of motion can cause inflammation in joints and severe cases can also damage your joints. You will need surgeries to make your hand able to move freely.

Slip or trip

Slip or trip is also at risk of hand or arm injuries. A slippery oily or uneven surface can cause fall. When you fall, if you try to balance your body by placing your hand on the floor surface in a lock position, you can damage your elbow joints. The impact in this position can cause dislocation.

Seek the solicitor’s help

After the accident, you can seek the solicitor’s help to claim the compensation against the liable party. For this, you will need to seek the advice of the professional and experienced personal injury solicitor Bolton.

Personal injury solicitor can pursue your case in the solicitor court. He can also help you to gather the evidence of the occurrence of accidents so that you can prove the opponent part guilty and faulty.

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