What Are The Treatment Options of Gum Disease Receding Gums

What Are The Treatment Options of Gum Disease Receding Gums

Dental issues can become all-consuming in one’s life, and knowing their causes, and ways to prevent problems, is essential to overall good health. Just the same, there is hope and there are natural remedies for gum pain or abscessed tooth .Look Behind the Problem
By the time we end up with bleeding or gum pain, mouth ulcers or sores, or a problem tooth, there are usually tell tale signs of problems along the way. This is because gums and teeth are highly sensitive to nutritional issues and deficiencies.

Let’s break this issue down and examine three parts:

  • gum problems
  • tooth problems
  • overall dental health and care

Everyone should be familiar with proper dental care, however it surprising that children know so little about this matter. Eventually, the poor dental habits of children turn into the habits of adults.
The most typical lapse is in dental flossing. Some people stop flossing because of bleeding gums. However, the dental profession has confirmed that bleeding during flossing is a sign that insufficient flossing is taking place. And they see bleeding as a sign of periodontal disease (which leads to loosened and lost teeth). So, keep moving in the right direction and keep flossing.

Ties have been made between dental hygiene and overall health. Problems with teeth and gums are signs of deeper health issues, including a lack of essential nutrients. Eating certain types of foods robs the mouth and teeth of important healing and health-building agents; and NOT eating certain real, whole, raw foods deprives the mouth and teeth of the ability to heal.

Since the mouth is the first step in the digestion process, an unhealthy mouth leads to a type of starvation that results from the inability to break down foods and use them in the cells.
Of course, sugar has been implicated in dental problems for hundreds of years, but other lesser known substances are just as harmful, including toxins, artificial ingredients, refined foods, soda and acidic “food” ingredients.

Another serious factor in dental health is smoking and the use of tobacco products which restrict healthy blood flow to the mouth, cause oxidation within cells and the destruction of tissues, thus damaging teeth and bones.

Short Term and Strategy

Unfortunately, by the time there is a diseased tooth, the best that can be done is often at the hands of a skilled dentist because an untreated (or mistreated) infection can spread rapidly through your body. The mouth has an apparently close relationship to vital organs such as your eyes, ears, nose and most importantly the brain. A spreading infection could be fatal.

Gum Disease Receding Gums Treatment

Typically, oral surgery is performed to remove a problem tooth and historically has involved the potential of removing some jaw bone (if infected or destroyed). Replacement teeth and antibiotics are a common course of action. Not only can steps be taken to improve your health to recover more rapidly from the procedure, but also how to prevent future problems, attack problems when they do pop up, and most importantly how to eliminate existing gum pain.

Regarding recovery from oral surgery, we would suggest the use of pure whole food nutritional supplements to provide you with dense nutrition and associated vitamins for healing and tissue repair. Vitamin C complex and bioflavonoids are essential for healing blood vessels and mouth tissues. Any time there are ulcers; calcium is needed in greater supply (again seek only a natural nonlactose source of nutrition).

We are really concerned about overall health, healing, and doing this naturally. Scientific evidence is catching up with common logic to reveal that the best way to minimize disease and improve health is through what you eat and altering habits (no tobacco products, brushing and flossing teeth). A big step to over come is that most people suffer from poor diets but they think they are fine.

For example, it is estimated that the average American eats his/her weight in sugar each year (about 150lbs). The result of this is seen not only in dental problems but also in the explosion of cases of diabetes, immune diseases, musculoskeletal issues (bones and joints), and problems with bodily tissue repair.

Take Action

Good dental hygiene is a must and is simple. Fluoride remains a very debatable topic, with even top dental researchers and Nobel scientists arguing that it is a toxin. Fluoride is scientifically proven as poisonous to the body, yet for political reasons it has gained common acceptance. (Journal of the American Dental Association 2000;131:746-754).

But, just because fluoride has a dubious role doesn’t mean you should stop brushing your teeth. There are alternatives to fluoride free toothpastes and mouthwashes like Natures smile gum balm that should be considered. Just the same, brushing and flossing are a must.

Eating Fresh And Raw Foods Is Critical

When it comes to dental health, the enzymes and nutrients (not just vitamins) that exist in raw foods and Whole Food Supplements allow for bodily healing. Of special interest are foods high in Calcium and Vitamin C complex (not vitamin c in the form of ascorbic acid). These foods are the dark green leafy vegetables, berries and fresh fruits. Organically grown sources are always preferable because of their lack of chemicals (pesticides and herbicides).

The Next Step

Change your habits and change your life. Here’s the goal:
Eliminate tobacco products from your body
Seriously reduce sugar consumption (sparingly use foods such as honey, maple syrup or stevia; but do not switch to artificial sweeteners)

  • Eat fresh foods (fruits and vegetables) not processed ones (frozen, packaged, canned, finished).
  • Consider whole food supplements to bolster your intake of nutrients, in addition to eating high-quality foods.
  • Use the best receding gum toothpaste
  • Brush and floss your teeth after each meal.
  • Get some exercise every day (preferably 20 strenuous minutes at a minimum)

Recent studies are supporting a minimum of 7 hours of quality sleep per night which will allow the body to heal and recovery whether you are in the midst of dental problems.

Natural treatments do exist for dental problems and are probably be the best means to over all health and wellness.

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