What is The Procedure for Dental Implants?

What is The Procedure for Dental Implants?

The process of replacing roots of teeth with metal, screwlike posts and placing artificial teeth with damaged or missing teeth are known as dental implants. In the surgery, the artificial tooth roots are placed into the jawbone. It is a lengthy procedure where the bone surrounded by the implant grows and holds it securely attached to the place for several months. With the help of a metal connector, the replaced teeth are attached to the implant. Thus, it fills the gap between them.

Procedure of the dental implant surgery

The type of implant done to a person depends upon the condition of their jawbone. There are various processes included in the surgery. Before going for surgery, you should always check the dental implant cost. Mentioned below are the steps involved in dental implant surgery.

Primary evaluation

The oral surgeon or dentist does a comprehensive test to check the condition of your jawbone and determine which procedure will go best for you. The processes involved in these examinations are capturing impressions, performing X-rays, and toning artificial teeth with the real ones, so that the implant doesn’t look fake.

They will also discuss the medications and your medical state. According to the need, people are given antibiotics before starting the surgical process. It protects from infections.

Extraction of tooth

There still might be a tooth present that requires replacement. The dentist will remove such teeth before starting the dental work. The replacement of teeth can be done while having the implant insertion. The oral surgeon or dentist will discuss the option of anaesthesia. They will primarily provide normal novocaine anaesthesia so that the area becomes numb and there will be no pain. If the tooth is fractured, it takes time to get removed.

While the tooth is being extracted, the people feel a little pressure. After the tooth extraction, people should avoid using straws for drinking, smoking, excessively spitting, etc., because these activities can hurt people.

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Insertion of dental implant and grafting bone

Dental implants are done in two ways. The first way is that the insertion of the implant is done in the jawbone. In the other way, the insertion is directly placed underneath the gum lines.
In the first type of implant, the jawbone’s strength is judged. If the current jawbone is thick and strong enough, then there will not be any need to get any extra bone added to it.

There is a lot of pressure required while you chew the food. Thus, having a strong jaw is very necessary. The bone should also be solid because it has to protect the implant. Sometimes extra bone can be required. So the extra bone will be taken out from another jaw area. The area must be away from the implant region. The extra bone added needs to be healed before the further steps. After the healing, the oral surgeon or dentist adds the implant.

Afterwards, the jawbone will start growing around the implant. The implant will be a part of the natural gum line. The procedure varies depending on the person and usually takes 3 to 9 months.

Placing abutment and crown

The surgeon will put an abutment above the implant once it gets stable. It connects the implant and crown. The abutment must stay tightened to stay still while the person is eating. While this procedure is done, people only feel a little pressure. Sometimes, it is placed while having the implants. It would help if you discussed the dental implant cost with the surgeon beforehand only.

After the gums, the dentist provides an artificial tooth or crown. People can choose to have a permanent or removable crown.


People know the implantation procedures now. It is necessary to take time and consult with an oral surgeon or dentist to get all the doubts cleared. Before visiting the dentist, people should always get knowledge of dental implant costs. If you are looking toward having a dental implant, visit the website.

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