When Should You See A General Physician?

When Should You See A General Physician?

‘Should I see a doctor?’ is a question that many people ponder when sick. Most often, for small illnesses, people depend on self-medication with over-the-counter drugs.

However, there are various reasons why a visit to a general physician would be a better option. A general physician is a medical doctor trained to prevent, diagnose, and provide treatment for a wide range of illnesses in the general population.

The best general physicians in India can diagnose your problems expertly and suggest good treatment and preventative measures as well.

This article discusses some of the reasons for which you should book an appointment with the best general physicians in Delhi.

1 – Sudden Loss Of Weight For No Reason

Unexplained, sudden weight loss is when you see a drop in your bodyweight even though you have not consciously adopted any methods or treatment to lose weight.

Sudden, unexplained weight loss could indicate serious illnesses like thyroid disorders, diabetes, cancer, depression, etc.

You should consult your general physician if you have lost 10% or more of your body weight in the last six months and you are not overweight.

2 – Shortness Of Breath

You could suffer difficulty breathing due to a host of reasons such as strenuous exercise, obesity, high altitudes, etc. If none of those indications are present, you could be suffering from asthma, bronchitis, or other respiratory illness.

A general physician could diagnose the exact cause of your condition through an in-depth physical examination and additional tests if necessary.

3 – Pain In The Chest, Abdomen, Or Pelvic Area

Acute, constant pain in your chest, abdominal area, or pelvis could indicate problems that require medical intervention.

Chest pain could suggest heart-related ailments. Similarly, pain in the abdomen and pelvis could indicate gallstones, appendicitis, or kidney infection.

Your general physician might ask for several specialized tests to ascertain the exact cause of the problems and suggest treatments accordingly.

4 – Concussion

Concussion could happen if you fall and hit your head or suffer from a stroke. It is a condition that affects brain function.

Symptoms are usually temporary and can include headaches, memory loss, and problems concentrating, balance and coordination.

Visit a general physician if you are suffering from any of the symptoms mentioned above.

5 – Persistent Fever

A fever is your body temperature rising above normal levels, often due to an illness. A person is considered to have a normal body temperature if it ranges from 98-100°F (36–37°C).

If your body temperature exceeds the mentioned levels and lasts more than three days, you should consult your general physician.

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