When Should You Visit Doctors For Eyes?

When Should You Visit Doctors For Eyes?

There are some things in our lives that we just can’t risk losing. And our eyesight is one of them. That’s because once you lose your ability to see, it’s next to impossible to get it back.

Eating vegetables with diverse colours is easy. Your eye health needs protection and the more colourful they are, the better at strengthening it. Try eating broccoli, dark leafy lettuces, spinach, brussel sprouts and kale as they are important for cornea care.

Blindness is one of the most feared yet acquired permanent disabilities in the world. Unfortunately, most people who lost their eyesight later in life could have probably saved themselves if only they had visited an ophthalmologist.

It’s understandable that our daily routines leave no room or time for scheduling visits to the doctor. However, you should know that unless an experienced professional diagnoses the problem in time and administers the treatment, you’re risking blindness. For instance, if you live in Dubai, scheduling regular appointments with your eye specialist holds paramount importance. An ophthalmologist in Dubai will make sure your visit stays intact and any disorder can be diagnosed and treated at early stages before it could worsen. 

Having said that, let’s discuss some of the situations in which you should not waste a moment and visit one of the best doctors for eye:

Having Trouble Seeing While Driving

Most people, usually those who are above 60, start experiencing troubles while driving. Facing issues like loss of central or peripheral vision during driving or not being able to see at night are common symptoms. Although they could be caused by various issues, what’s sure is the need to get an eye exam. Similarly, those who experience blurry vision with regards to objects that are either close or far from them also need to visit the ophthalmologist.

Eye problems such as refractive errors often cause blurry vision, especially when it’s concerning objects that are far or near. Myopia, Astigmatism, and Hyperopia are common refractive errors that require either the best LASIK surgery in Dubai or glasses/contact lenses.

Eyes Turning Red or Pink

If you get pink or red eyes once or twice or when you spill some shampoo in your eyes, it’s okay. However, if this is a condition that is persisting for some time and lasts longer while causing pain or stress, it’s a sign of a vision problem.

Some of the eye’s notorious infections like conjunctivitis cause inflammation in the tissues covering the whites of the eyes as well as inner eyelids. Moreover, a common type of glaucoma could also be causing your eyes to change colours. The worst thing about glaucoma is that it’s caused by pressure buildup in the eyes and thus, it hardly shows any symptoms.

So, if you or anyone you know has pink or red eyes that last for a day or two, you should definitely visit an ophthalmologist.

Light Sensitivity or Seeing Dots

Patients who suffer from some or another form of inflammation of the eyes are likely to feel sensitivity to light. The problem with light sensitivity is that it can cause scarring in the eyes which can be a permanent issue. Moreover, it can also be due to something that has nothing to do with the eyes, such as migraines, viral illnesses or even allergies.

Doctors and patients like to call the spots some patients see ‘floaters’ as they appear to be white or black and floating through the air. Seeing floaters could be due to any reason. For one, it could be because your retina is tearing, bleeding or becoming detached. The problem is as bad as it sounds but not if you can get urgent and certified help in time.

It’s safe to assume that any problems causing a detached retina can lead to vision loss and thus, should be taken very seriously.

Dry or Teary Eyes

Having no or too many tears coming out of your eyes is a cause for worry. You could be suffering from a case of dry eye. Similar to red or pink eyes, try to see if the condition improves in a day or two. If it doesn’t, visit your eye doctor.

Blurry or Double Vision

As discussed above, if your vision is blurred, you are probably suffering from any of the three types of refractive errors. You’ll need the best LASIK eye surgery in Dubai to get a long-lasting treatment.

In case of seeing double, you should instantly visit your doctor. This could be a sign of a stroke, a problem with the nervous system, or any other complicated eye problem that is undeniably dangerous. Therefore, an instant investigation is of paramount importance.

Although these are the common eye problems that require immediate medical attention, you should still steer clear of risks. Since the eye is not an organ you want to malfunction, it’s imperative that you keep in touch with your ophthalmologist. Try visiting every now and then to make sure that there’s no sign of glaucoma, cataracts, inflammation or other problems.

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