Why Bariatric Mattress Is The Best For Heavy People?

Why Bariatric Mattress Is The Best For Heavy People?

Heavier people find comfort difficult with a lot of things that are meant for healthy people. They experience difficulty adjusting to a range of everyday things, whether it is the commodes, chairs, couches, frames, beds, and wheelchairs. Therefore, to ease life for the obese, manufacturers have introduced a Bariatric version for everything. And, one of the most sought-after of them all is Bariatric Mattress.

Manufacturers claim that Bariatric Mattresses are best for heavy people, and why not! They are:

  • thick to support the heavy bodyweight.
  • soft to provide much-needed comfort.
  • perfect for preventing motion transfer.

Here is a breakdown of benefits offered by Bariatric Mattresses, making them the best mattress for obese.

Anatomically Designed for the Clinically Obese

Struggles of heavier people with their mattresses are different and real. They suffer to find a mattress that is thick enough to keep them afloat and soft enough to protect them from developing bedsores. While regular mattresses do not work for them, the construction of the best mattress for heavy people is in line with their needs. These bariatric mattresses are thicker (ranging from 12-16 inches) and softer to keep them feeling like they are sleeping on a cloud.

Also, the softer variants available in regular mattresses tend to develop cavities quickly due to the weight, rendering them with little durability.

The foam bariatric mattresses are built with multiple layers of foam. The top layers amongst which are softer for a better feel and the middle and bottom layers are firm for providing support.

They offer Temperature Regulation

Alternating pressure bariatric mattress has an air circulation mechanism intact, allowing air to pass through its cells and keeping blood circulation running. This regular circulation protects them from developing bedsores and skin ulcers. Especially for the obese confined to bed often, these mattresses come as a boon.

When the air moves from cell to cell, it keeps on cooling down the bodily heat accumulated in one region. This, in turn, will keep you cool all night long.

They are durable

Clearly, no regular mattress can stand the test of time due to the effects of gravity they have to tolerate. On the other hand, a combination of firm and soft materials constitutes the Bariatric kind. This makes them a perfect option that will last you for years to come.

Reduce pressure and friction

Mostly, bariatric mattresses are either alternating pressure mattresses or multiple-layer memory foam mattresses with the ability to relieve pressure. Obese people feel the pressure more because their pressure points have to bear their entire body weight. This is one of the reasons why they are susceptible to spinal injuries.

To solve their problems, memory foam variants of the best mattress for obese conform to the shape of their bodies. The alternating pressure variants in these allow the air to circulate within the cell. This keeps the pressure points at ease at regular intervals.

Also, using Nylex for the cover reduces shear and friction, ultimately minimizing the risk of bedsores and ulceration.

Finally, it is the comfort that all are looking for from mattresses and bariatric mattresses do just that for the obese.

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