Why Bidets Are Better than Toilet Paper

Why Bidets Are Better than Toilet Paper

Although bidets are presently not the most popular of bathroom fixtures, they come with a multitude of benefits, mostly health-related ones. We must be open-minded enough to realize how a bidet will improve our personal hygiene and make the trip to the water room more pleasant. If you stop to think about how primitive toilet paper is and what it does do your skin, you would be willing to consider alternatives such as a bidet.

The power of water

Yes, toilet paper prevents direct contact between the hand and the bottom but it’s not a bulletproof cleaning method. If you wipe harder, you will not clean more or better but you will irritate the skin to the point it starts to burn and becomes painful to touch. This can never occur if you use a bidet because it uses water to clean your private parts. Nozzles inside the bowl shoot soothing jets of warm water that make the trip to the bathroom an even look forward to.


Environmental damage

Have you ever thought about what goes into the production of a single roll of toilet paper? Most people don’t think about his as they frantically throw large packs of XXL-sized toilet paper in their shopping cart at the supermarket. It is estimated that toilet paper is responsible for tens of thousands of trees being cut every day. In addition, the paper you throw away has to end up somewhere so you are actively contributing to the pollution of the world’s oceans.

The damage to the environment becomes even greater when we take into consideration the fuel and energy necessary to process the wood and transport it to your local store. As the end-user, you must now that you are not just buying paper rolled onto a hollow cardboard cylinder but you are actually supporting an unsustainable logging industry.

lux bathroomSaving money

If you don’t care enough about the environment, then you probably want to save money, right? Well, you won’t be able to do so if you keep shopping for toilet paper each week. If we take into account copy paper and paper kitchen towels, toilet paper actually makes for some 90% of paper you use every year. Eliminating this cost can help you save hundreds of dollars annually. This money can be spent more wisely, like for your child’s education.

A fun contraption

Although the first medieval bidets resembled torture devices, modern ones are state of the art bathroom fixtures. They are more appealing to the eye than conventional toilet bowls and you can easily find a bidet online that will match your preferences.

Furthermore, bidets come with numerous features that will make you fall in love with your new bidet. A seat warmer or a massager is something every user will agree to and in-bow LED light will make it redundant to turn the lights on in the bathroom when you have to use it at night. Finally, there are portable bidets that come in the form of contraption that is attached to the traditional toilet seat so you can use a bidet on your travels in hotel rooms.

Toilet bowl with electronic control bidet. Water sprays from the toilet bowl. A cleansing jet of water designed to cleanse the anus of the user of this bidet-style toilet.

Who benefits the most from using a bidet?

Another common misconception about bidets I that only people with health problems use them. Although pregnant women, seniors, and people with hemorrhoid problems swear by them, bidets are used by everyone! They are 1-to-1 replacements for the toilet bowl and there is really no reason not to use them.

People in Japan, the Middle East, and Europe already know this but other countries in the West are slow to accept the bidet as a standard bathroom fixture. However, the tides are slowly turning so it is no wonder that you saw a bidet in the restroom of your favorite restaurant.

Installing a bidet in your home is going to be one of the best ways to improve the experience of visiting the bathroom. After you discover the miraculous power of water as a cleanser, you will find it hard using toilet paper again. Ultimately, don’t forget that you’ll save money on all the rolls of toilet paper you won’t use.

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