Why Do Dental Surgeons Use Endodontic Instruments?

Why Do Dental Surgeons Use Endodontic Instruments?

Endodontics is a medical term, and sometimes it’s difficult to differentiate it from Dentists. In this blog, you will learn how medical professionals practice various endodontic instruments to identify and treat dental issues. So, let’s start this with a better understanding of the term endodontics.

As the name indicates, endo means inside, and odontology means tooth. In Endodontics, dental surgeons deal with injuries and diseases of soft tissues. Root canal treatment saves the patient’s tooth after fracture, infection, or decay damage.

Hence, the medical doctors who are experts in finding oral and facial pain and treating them are Endodontists.  In short, all the endodontists are dentists, but not all the dentists are endodontists. 

Importance Of Endodontic Instruments: 

The diagnosis of such dental issues necessitates the use of special instruments and techniques. That is why endodontists need special tool kits that contain Endodontic instruments to treat tooth pain. They help specialists diagnose and treat dental issues. Endodontists use innovative instruments and techniques to better diagnose and handle dental procedures. Also, to make their patients comfortable and relaxed during dental treatments.

What Are Multiple Endodontic Tools?

Let’s have a look at all such unique and advanced endodontic tools that help the experts to bring about the treatment with great efficiency and efficacy. These instruments include

  •       Endodontic excavator
  •       Endodontic explorer
  •       Endodontic forceps
  •       Endodontic heat carriers
  •       Endodontic locking pliers
  •       Rubber dam clamps
  •       Rubber dam frame
  •       Ruler
  •       Spreaders

The use of all these tools is specific and each one works differently to assist the endodontists during surgical procedures. Let’s understand how some of these endodontic instruments assist dental experts.

 1.  Endodontic Excavators

This Endodontic instruments is specialized for removing the carious dentin. Dentin lies under the enamel and cementum of teeth. Any damage to the enamel results in damage to dentin, which leads to high sensitivity of the teeth to cold, heat, acidity, or sticky food. 

Therefore, the endodontic excavators with precise, sharp ends help remove the damaged dentin and pulp during root canal treatments. The preferred one is the spoon excavator, which comes in various sizes. The selection of the spoon excavator depends upon the size of the tooth cavity.

The Endodontic excavators help the experts to clean the pulp chambers and channels of the teeth by removing the damaged tissues. Thus, it prepares the damaged tooth for restorative procedures. The best endodontic excavator has a robust body, and it must be reusable.  So, the surgeons can use these tools after proper cleaning and sterilization. In addition, the ergonomic grip, variations in tip diameters, and designs make root canal treatments easier for Endodontists.

2.  Endodontic Explorer

This instrument of the endodontic tool kit is perfect for locating the canals when the root canal treatment starts. Thus, endodontic explorer helps doctors make initial tracking grooves before using machine-driven files. Hence, this tool helps to clean and shape the canals.

This dental tool has a modest shape, long handle, and rough surface for an easy grip during surgical procedures. Its end is the pointy and thin curved head that helps endodontists diagnose the issue via tactile sensations. Additionally, this equipment has further variations to facilitate the surgeons during endodontic procedures.

Moreover, the surgical grade stainless material makes this endodontic instrument rust and corrosion-free.

3.  Endodontic Forceps

The perfectly designed endodontic forceps are useful during multiple dental procedures. They help to hold different endodontic materials such as reamers and files. Their ergonomic thin and long bent tip helps dentists move the objects from the canal firmly. And serrated edges make sure to grip the broken material from the tooth canal firmly. Endodontic forceps have further variations in sizes and bent tips to make the dental treatment easier for both the patient and the endodontist.

The other endodontic instruments play their roles during endodontic procedures to aid the dentists by making surgeries less tiresome. 

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