Why Do I Need SPF in My Sunscreen Lotion? What Are It’s Benefits?

Why Do I Need SPF in My Sunscreen Lotion? What Are It’s Benefits?

Everybody uses sunscreen lotion and cream, and if you have paid close attention to sunscreen lotion, you might have noticed the use of SPF. It is the one thing that is highlighted on the cover of lotion and screen but do you know what it is? Well, if you don’t, then no need to worry, here we will brief you all about the SPF and its benefits.

With the arrival of summer, the very thing we do is visit the nearby store to buy sunscreen lotion with SPF. But did you know that sunscreen can be used all year? You might be thinking of it as a joke. But it is true; sunscreen lotion can be used all year because of the SPF content.

What is SPF?

The acronym SPF stands for sun protection factor. SPF is a sunscreen factor that serves to protect the skin from direct sunlight. UVA and UVB rays are two kinds of radiation emitted by the sun. UVA radiation adds to skin ageing symptoms such as wrinkles and fine lines. More harmful UVB rays cause sunburns. UVA rays also render UVB rays highly reactive. Therefore the pair can be lethal when mixed. When you’re outside with sunlight, you’re susceptible to damaging light from the sun. Even if you’re not vulnerable to sun damage, that radiation has such an effect on the skin.

When you’re outside with sunlight, you’re susceptible to damaging light from the sun. Even if you’re not vulnerable to sun damage, that radiation has such an effect on the skin.

SPF protects your skin by prolonging its natural defences against sun rays. For instance, an SPF of 15 provides approximately 15 times greater coverage than unprotected skin. An SPF of 50 would provide 50 times the safety of skin that isn’t protected by sunscreen. Selecting a good sunblock implies that it will save you from both UVA and UVB radiation.

Benefits of Applying Sunscreen Lotion

Let’s dig deep into the benefits of applying sunscreen lotion.

1. Prevents Premature Aging

Everybody wants their skin to be youthful, bright, and healthier. This is one of the most compelling arguments for applying sunscreen. It protects the skin against fine lines and wrinkles, which are common indications of ageing. As per research, sunscreen consumers under the age of fifty had a 24 per cent lower risk of developing these ageing indications than non-sunscreen and occasionally sunscreen consumers.

2. Reduces Skin Cancer Risks

The health benefits of sunscreen came as a bonus. To protect your skin against the danger of many skin cancers, notably melanoma, apply sunscreen regularly over days, weeks, or months. This is the most dangerous sort of skin cancer, and it can be fatal for women, especially those in their 20s.

3. Prevents Sunburns

Sunburn weakens the skin, making it more vulnerable to bruising. Peeling, inflammation, redness, rashes, and scratching may repeatedly occur on the skin. This is due to the presence of UVB rays. Blisters might increase your chances of getting skin cancer. Sunburns regularly, according to a study released, may increase your chance of deadly melanoma. So, remember to use sunscreen and remain safe.

4. Increase Health of the Skin

Sunscreen protects important skin components such as elastin, keratin, and collagen. These proteins are necessary for maintaining the skin’s clear and smooth appearance. To provide those advantages, make sure the sunblock contains titanium oxide.

5. Protects From Harmful UV Rays

As the ozone layer continues to deplete, we are at a greater danger of being harmed by the sun’s destructive rays. While you need the sun to get a daily amount of Vitamin D, that doesn’t mean you should endanger your health. Sunscreen effectively prevents these dangerous rays from reaching the skin and causing skin problems.

Things to Keep in Mind while Buying Sunscreen Lotion

One can find sunscreen lotion at any cosmetic store. But there are certain things that need to be kept in mind while you are searching for sunscreen lotion.

  • When buying sunscreen lotions, always pay attention to labels. Make sure that the sunscreen must contain zinc oxide, titanium dioxide, avobenzone, and octyl methoxycinnamate.
  • The second thing to keep in mind is the spectrum of sunscreen lotion. Always prefer a broad range with hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic.
  • Further, when it comes to choosing sunscreen lotion, make sure it is waterproof.
  • It is advisable to apply sunscreen lotion 30 hours before exposing your skin to direct sunlight.
  • It’s essential to apply sunblock after you’ve finished the skincare routine, as layering serums or moisturizers on top of sunscreen might lessen the quantity of protection it gives.

That’s all! Here we have mentioned all about the sunscreen lotions. Sunscreen is an essential part of the skin routine. Not only it protects skin from tanning and sunburn, but it also reduces various skin diseases.

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