Read this Dentist Werribee Article to know why your gums are bleeding?

Read this Dentist Werribee Article to know why your gums are bleeding?

Various different activities that can cause a beginning of bleeding gums:

  1. Your diet: Fruits, dairy products, vegetables, and foods rich in vitamin C are important building blocks of a diet which keeps your body and mouth happy. Foods that are rich in sugar, acid and starch on the other hand are something will bring those blocks dropping down. Sugars from carbohydrates and sweet foods stick persistently to teeth and along the gum line and, in case not removed quickly after consumption, begin to eat away at gum and teeth tissues. If you treat yourself with these kinds of foods all over the day and don’t brush and floss your teeth between meals, you are really adding more critical bacteria to your mouth with every bite.
  2. Improper Dental hygiene: The most general reason for red, puffy, or bleeding gums is improper dental hygiene. This implies that the basic routine of flossing and brushing twice daily is not being done. Possibly flossing has not been performed in quite awhile or teeth are just brushed one time a day or less, but overlooking to systematically clean your gums and teeth twice in a day will soon reflect in the health of your teeth and gums. It takes too less time for tartar and plaque to build up on teeth and down the gum line, in actual fact almost instantly after brushing it starts to rebuild. This build-up of plaque is something that irritates gums when remained uncleaned for a very long time, which can be in as little as a day (24 hours).
  3. If you’re a smoker: The toxins available in cigarettes are very destructive and make the gum tissues weaker which can cause swelling, discolouration, and bleeding in gums. Apart from this, once gums come in contact with such damaging toxins, bacteria available in the mouth are more competent to enter the gums as well as into the bloodstream. This can be the reason for further irritation, swelling, bleeding, and infection.
  4. If you’re pregnant: Pregnancy hormones make future mothers much more susceptible to gum disease even if they routinely brush and floss their teeth twice in a day as the gum tissues are generally tetchier and less able to drive away infection.
  5. Gum disease can be a family disease: Vulnerability to gum disease is heritable and, for people who know that gum problems runs in their family, they should be even more watchful in their dental hygiene. If you are insecure about the oral health of your family history, discuss with dentist regarding DNA testing which can identify strains of gum problem. Having knowledge of your family dental history may assist to manage your own dental health.

It is imperative to bear in mind that gum problems are not the end of your dental health. In most of the cases it can be reversed and, with appropriate dental hygiene as well as dental professional care, can be eliminated. Contact with your dentist now to set an appointment to talk about your dental health concerns and to have a regular check up, or check out the internet to find a professional dentist Werribee who suits your requirements.

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