Wisdom Teeth and Associate Problems

Wisdom Teeth and Associate Problems

The issues which are associated with wisdom teeth are generally happen due to the impact which is the most common issue. Wisdom teeth are the one which are generally erupt in the last into your mouth. There are usually four, present one in each corner of your jaw bone. They generally erupt in between the age of 17 to 24 but it can erupt later in some cases.

The trouble is the fact that these teeth are the last batch of teeth to erupt in your mouth, there are very much scope that your mouth might have inadequate space to give them region to fully come through. That makes them partly visible in the mouth and does not allow coming through at all in some cases.

When there is proper space in your mouth it erupt as any other normal tooth in your mouth and function normally like any other tooth does in the mouth. People might feel some kind of soreness at the time of their emergence, though the soreness will eliminate once the tooth gets its usual position in the mouth.

If there is no sufficient in your mouth then the problem like discomfort starts happen in your mouth. This makes the wisdom teeth gets impacted. The wisdom tooth which gets impacted is generally obstructed from erupting into your mouth completely. Therefore, the tooth can be at the angle when it oppose and at the up-right position, which is generally at the angle where it tipped against the tooth in front of it. Technically any teeth gets impacted due to this, but wisdom teeth is generally gets impacted as they are the one ho erupts in last. There are varieties of issues related to impacted wisdom teeth.

If wisdom tooth is creating some issue, so these are some of the symptom which generally occurs:

Swelling and ache of the gums which are on top of the wisdom teeth, bad taste and bad breath in the mouth are other symptoms. Appearance of the pusdue to inflamed gum region and tenderness while you are opening your mouth or want to open your mouth. The tendons while chewing or eating anything, as this is going to impact the swollen gum area and sometimes ulcers/pain on the cheek.

More serious issues might create because of the impacted teeth which involve swollen nodes or glands under the chin and/or swelling of the jaw or face. Jaw might also experience muscle spasms. General malaise and fever are some instances. Such symptoms might indicate which are serious infection which can get even worse if not get treated properly. You need to get immediate consultation from the dentist.

If you are facing any of these symptoms and experiencing the problem of impacted wisdom teeth, then you should go a consult the Geelong Dental expert if you are facing issues with Wisdom Teeth in Geelong.

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