Some Useful Tips on Getting the Wisdom Teeth Extracted

Some Useful Tips on Getting the Wisdom Teeth Extracted

Wisdom teeth generally do not grow properly and it is only because of this reason that people tend to suffer from impacted teeth. People suffering from impacted teeth might have to experience a number of problems such as damage to the adjacent teeth and chewing. However, sometimes the tooth is partially impacted and it merely breaks down into the gum surface but does not grow in the right position.

Dental surgeons and professionals have the ability of determining teeth that will not be able to grow in the proper manner. An impacted wisdom tooth might hurt greatly resulting in cavities, periodontal disease and infections. There are many people who do not require surgery because their tooth is able to grow in the right position or stays in the jawbone without causing any issue. However, there are others who need surgery if the tooth starts causing problems that are unbearable.

Wisdom Teeth
When is it Important to Get Wisdom Teeth Removed?

Removing the wisdom tooth between ages 16 and 22 is always best. Similar to the other teeth, wisdom teeth develops into the jawbone. The crown of the tooth is formed first and then it is pushed up the moment the tooth root develops. In young adults, the formation of the root is not perfectly complete and therefore there are no complications and risks.

Wisdom teeth extraction- The Procedure

The wisdom tooth is removed through surgery and there is a specific procedure followed by the dental professional. Once sedation has been offered, the dentist administers local anesthesia to the patient. The entire procedure generally takes around 30 minutes prior to the patient being sent to the recovery room. The recovery time varies from one patient to another. It also depends on the degree of tooth problem and the age of the patient. In young patients, discomforts such as swelling might be experienced for around five days. However, in older patients, the recovery time might be a bit longer. The dentists generally prescribe pain medications to the patients.

The Risks of Removing the Wisdom Tooth

There are a great many risks that accompany the extraction procedure of wisdom teeth. There is this possible for the patients to feel added discomfort especially when there are blood clots forming in the tooth pockets after the surgery has been dislodged. The condition is known as dry socket. It is one of the most common complications of wisdom teeth removal and this goes special for smokers. In addition to this, just like all the other surgeries, there are risks of infections involved with wisdom tooth extraction. One of the biggest potential problems of wisdom tooth removal is nerve injury.

Wisdom teeth
With the passage of time, the root of the tooth develops and the jawbone gets denser. It is only because of this reason that the older an individual gets, the more challenging is the surgery. There is a certain nerve found in the jawbone right under the root of the wisdom tooth. Any kind of injury caused to this nerve might result in numbness of the lower lip. Despite the fact that wisdom tooth extraction comes with its very own set of advantages, it is crucial for individuals to also have an idea of the potential problems, risks, and complications.

Tips that can be of Good Help

Handling the problems caused due to wisdom teeth is not an easy thing to do and this goes special if this tooth makes its presence felt with pain and swelling. The entire procedure of getting the tooth removed can be very painful. Therefore, it makes complete sense to ensure that the patient has known everything that needs to be done when this tooth starts coming out. One of the best things in this category is that nowadays there are a number of painless and easy ways of getting the wisdom tooth removed or extracted. There is absolutely no need for you to put this procedure on waiting because of fear. There are some useful tips that can be followed when dealing with the removal of wisdom teeth and the tips are as follows:

  • The very first thing that you need to be sure of is making the choice of a reliable and professional dentist. Always keep in mind that any complicated procedure or condition that makes you feel a bit anxious and afraid will go on in a very smooth manner only if you are under the supervision of the skilled and experienced professional. Therefore, you must always have your aim at getting the services of the tender hands of a skilled dentist.The patients dealing with dental fear should make sure that they go with the services of clinics that have good experience in dealing with cases of their kind. You must also remain sure of choosing a clinic or a dental professional who has a good know-how of the right techniques and procedures for easing anxieties and carrying out the entire procedure in a smooth manner. always look out for dental specialists who work on sedentary medicine.
  • Try being familiar with the entire procedure. This is something that you must always have as an objective. If you do not have any idea of what will actually be happening with you, you will never be able to shed your fears. Knowing everything necessary about wisdom teeth extraction might ally all your fears. Try to know the time duration for the procedure to be completed and the after care for the tooth that is extracted. If you have a fair idea of the entire process and of your case specifically, it will help you in being less worried about the entire condition.

Considering the seriousness of wisdom teeth extraction, it can rightly be said that taking the services of an experienced and trained dentist is of utmost importance. This can best be done by getting the services offered at Hawthorn East Dental. boasts of some of the best dentists that can carry out the entire procedure in the smoothest way possible.

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