Difficulty While Removing Wisdom Teeth

Difficulty While Removing Wisdom Teeth

jaw and upper jaw. All other teeth grow during the early stage while a wisdom tooth grows between 20-25 years. They come through gums like any other normal tooth, but sometimes they get stuck below the gum surface in a different angle and causes complications. When the complications exceed, it would require assistance from dentist or an oral surgeon

Know about wisdom tooth

Wisdom teeth or third molar are the permanent teeth which appear in the later part of life. Not everyone suffers from impacted wisdom tooth but for few of them, it may turn to be severe.

  • Sometimes the wisdom tooth may grow abnormally and may not irrupt from the gums.
  • If it keeps growing at the right angle in the wrong place, that might cause irritation.
  • Growing at a backward angle is another reason of pain in the tooth.
  • Sometimes the teeth may come out only little and the lower portion is positioned in a slanting position, causing disturbance or pain to other teeth.

When to check your dentist?

Whether you intend to get one or all the four wisdom teeth removed, it is better to consult a dentist. The doctor might give the best suggestion and will help in reducing the pain. Sometimes the complications may increase severely, which is when you would be required to check with your dentist.

  • When there is excess bleeding from your wisdom tooth.
  • When the swelling doesn’t reduce and increase severely.
  • Excess pain which is unbearable after the wisdom tooth surgery.
  • Continuous fever which keeps fluctuating.

Why get a wisdom tooth removed?

Sometimes when the tooth gets stuck in the gum layer, it may lead to different type of complications.

  • It causes too much pain in the tooth.
  • Infection can happen.
  • It may damage the surrounding bones.
  • It may damage the adjacent tooth also.

Things to consider for wisdom tooth removal

If you are thinking of removing your wisdom teeth then it is better to get suggestions from the dentist. Following are the facts which should be considered before getting into an interaction with the dentist;

  • Know why you need to get your wisdom tooth removed. Sometimes you may get four molars and you will have space for them. If you want to get it removed it is better to check whether they have come out inappropriately and cause a disturbance.
  • Inquire about the cost for wisdom teeth removal Melbourne. It is not a simple teeth extraction and price might get affected with the complicity in teeth. In case, the entire procedure is expensive, it takes complete insurance cover for the treatment.
  • Due to the impact sometimes surgery may be required. When you feel that the wisdom tooth is causing a problem it is better to get it diagnosed by the dentist. If it prolongs then it requires a surgery because the pain may increase.


If you have a wisdom tooth coming up then wait for it to completely come out and then get it diagnosed by the dentist. Wisdom tooth removal Melbourne has various dental care centers that are proficient in providing good dental care to the patient. Thus individuals look for best dental center; they can fix an appointment at Hawthorn East dental care. It is one of the best leading dental care centres in Hawthorn, Australia, which is well equipped with the best modern facilities and also offers different services like teeth whitening, general anesthesia, grinding and much more for the convenience of patients.

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