Womens Weight Loss Workout

Womens Weight Loss Workout

One of the critical mistakes I continue to see with women who work out in the gym is the all too regular focus on exercises that offer very little in the way of real muscle and fitness gain or weight and fat loss. A good women’s weight loss workout needs to focus on the key exercises that will maximize results in all of these areas.

The key is to not waste your valuable time and effort. You also need to be really honest with yourself and get clear on not only what you are wanting to achieve, but whether or not you are willing to do what is required.

First up we need to understand that this is a lifestyle decision and process. The women’s weight loss workout does not stop after the exercise has finished. It is a mindset and it is a multi-faceted approach where you make real connections to your behaviors and your eating habits.

Now before we begin, I want to emphasize that this is not some extreme boot camp style approach. Personally, I do not like those approaches – at least in relation to making permanent and lifelong behavioral change. I want to see you make some real connections in your life to make lasting change with your weight and fat loss goals. Importantly too, I do not advocate being a gym junkie or living a life eating like a rabbit!

What I do encourage is effective exercise choice, discipline, and commitment to yourself, and a steady and long-term process in gradually removing the bad things out of your diet by replacing them with the better lifestyle and food choices.

This is not a program – it is a way of life you can design for yourself. Let’s get started with the women’s weight loss workout!

Let’s look at exercise choice and what I mean by that. It’s really important that you choose an exercise/s that you really enjoy or can relate to. Anything else is a waste of time for you as you will most likely lose interest. Get passionate about what you do.

Joining a gym is a good example. I have lost count of all the women (and men) I have seen come and go over my nearly 25 years of keeping fit. Many did routines they didn’t enjoy so they eventually lost interest and left. Many others stayed for a while longer, but strayed from their designed workout plans and only did the easy exercises or the ones that did not need much effort to perform.

The lesson here is simple – if you join a gym get a program that is recommended and sticks to it. This is where your discipline and commitment come in. Follow more post from my blog such as the health benefits of green tea.

So what are some of the exercise tips I can give you? For starters avoid at all cost wasting your time doing little machines and little muscles. Focus your efforts on the big muscle groups. Why? These muscle groups (legs, back, and chest for example) require much more effort and energy and they build more lean muscle mass. This means they have more fat burning potential.

I also recommend minimal time in the gym. This means less than 1 hour. If you are a busy person with children or a busy career woman, you have better things to do I’m assuming, than being a slave to your body. I recommend just 2 days a week in the gym for no more than an hour for each visit. At a bare minimum, you could get away with 1 visit per week – but this really depends on your effort to work out hard. I recommend 2 workouts.

If you join a gym to request a program and ask to do free weights and ask for simple basic exercises that work for your larger muscle groups. This will benefit you enormously. Forget small muscle groups. Focus on legs, back, and chest.

I also recommend you walk daily. This means finding more reasons and excuses to walk instead of taking the car. You can substitute walking for riding your bike as well. The key is to do functional things that do not require you to go too extreme – start incorporating natural exercise back into your life in other words.

The women’s weight loss workout is also about reducing the bad things in your diet. But here is the key ingredient here – it has to be gradual and natural and permanent.

What do I mean by this? I mean that you reduce things slowly. Take your coffee, for example, you might drink 3 cups a day with 2 sugars. A way to improve your health is to keep having 3 coffees a day but make 1 a decaf. Further to that, you would also reduce your sugar intake to 1-1.5 teaspoons of sugar.

Its these seemingly small initiatives that change your behaviors. Your behaviors are the reason for your weight and fat loss issues.

The women’s weight loss workout can be anything you want it to be. But it does need to be a long-term and lifestyle change initiative. If the gym is not your scene then do push-ups or free standing squat exercises. The key is to find things that can work for you.

The other crucial component of the women’s weight loss workout is to not get focused on how much you weigh. Forget the scales! They are not a true indication of long-term behavioral change – they merely reflect a short-term desperate approach to drop pounds. Remember this is about a lifestyle change. Focus on how you feel and how you look – not what some digital device tells you. If you must weigh yourself, do it monthly. If you more interested this kink of valuable health information so please visit in lifecares.org.

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