Yoga Poses for Women to Reduce Postpartum Belly

Yoga Poses for Women to Reduce Postpartum Belly

During pregnancy the abdominal muscles get stretched out, it is normal not to return to your original figure for a period of months or even years. Even though you’re probably exhausted after labour, the use of yoga can help get you on your way to reducing your postpartum belly and help you feel healthier much faster, allowing you to be the most confident version of yourself! This article from spahotels contains 8 different yoga poses as an individual workout which is specifically targeted to reduce postpartum belly. Here are the 7 exercises.

  • 1.Kegal Exercise
  • 2.Modified Navasana
  • 3.Half-Spinal Twist Pose
  • 4.Bow Pose
  • 5.Pigeon Pose
  • 6.Bridge Pose
  • 7.Camel Pose
  • 8.Triangle Pose

Working the transverse abdominus by practing adminal bracing

Abdominal bracing is a workout which engages the transverse abdominal muscles, perfect to work before starting any difficult yoga poses. This will allow for additional strength in the abdominal area (which is often weakened due to pregnancy), allowing further yoga poses to be that much easier.

In order to perform transverse bracing, bend your knees at a 90-degree angle whilst lying on your back, place your fingers inside your hip bones to feel the tension on your transverse abs, pretend to blow throw a straw to engage the transverse, add motion by moving your legs upwards and kick them out, maintain the brace throughout the motions without arching your back to strengthen this area.

Kegal exercise

Sitting on your knees, lean forward and stretch your arms out as far as they will allow, aiming for your back to be as straight as possible whilst feeling a stretch throughout the abdominal and lower back area. Hold this position for 10 seconds and repeat 3 times through. The Kegal exercise is perfect to regain muscular strength in this area, easy to perform and extremely beneficial. It has also been shown to increase the quality of your sex life, make use of this move whilst you can.

Kegal exerciseModified Navasana

Once you are familiar with the Kegal exercise and workout, you may want to have your hand at the ‘modified navasana’, useful for rebuilding strength and flexibility within the abdominal area post-pregnancy. In order to start, sit with your knees bent and toes out, keeping your back straight engage your lower abs to support the lower back. If you’re feeling up to it try to hold a 90-degree angle, this will place advanced emphasis on your lower back and abdominal muscles. Ensure this is improved by your GP first and you’re strong enough not to inflict damage to yourself. Once done right, this move will put you back on your track to kick pregnancy where it hurts!

Modified NavasanaYoga Poses for Women

Half-spinal twist pose

The half-spinal twist is perfect for strengthing your spine, perfect for post-pregnancy whilst also stretching your back, hips and neck. To perform, position one leg out in front of the other, place your opposing hand on the alternate leg (the one which is not stretched out) whilst rotating your spine. Hold this for a minimum of 10 seconds and repeat 3x, ensure to switch legs and rotate on the alternate side.

Half-spinal twist pose

Bow Pose

The bow pose is definitely one you’ll feel for a few days! Work your way up to it and feel the burn once you get there. To start, lay on your stomach and bend your knees, holding them with your hands forming an arch with your back. Make sure to inhale whilst lifting the head and exhale whilst lowering, hold this pose for a few seconds, return to the starting position and repeat 3x through. Do this a couple of times a week to really rebuild your abdominal strength.

Bow Pose

Pigeon Pose

The pigeon pose is useful if you suffer from tight hips and thighs, often allowing other workouts and yoga poses to be that little bit easier. In order to perform the pigeon pose, kneel whilst stretching one leg backwards, bending the other leg towards the pelvic bone, position your hands on the floor and hold this pose for up to 15 seconds. Change legs and repeat this 3x through on each side, perfect for workout your way up to the more advanced poses.

Pigeon PoseBridge Pose

You may have a similar pose to this as a workout in the gym known as ‘glute bridges’, making it an easy one to learn. The bridge pose is often regarded as a great individual workout to reduce anxiety, a problem many women encounter post-pregnancy, helping to reduce stress, headaches and even mild doses of depression. In order to perform the bridge pose, lie on your back to touch the back of your heels (keep your arms flat on the floor) and push up with your glutes to form a straight line from your toes to your back. Hold this position for 30 seconds to a minute then repeat 3x through with a 1-minute rest, you should be able to feel your glutes engaging (this will also utilise your core muscles as stabilisation).

Bridge Pose

Camel Pose

You may want to hold off on the camel pose if you only just started to recover, ensure your abdominal muscles and spine are strong beforehand, alternatively slowly work your way into this pose in your own time. This pose will help stretch our your back and spine whilst engaging your core muscles, all of which are affected through giving birth, strengthing and stretching these earlier will make the process that little bit easier. To perform the camel pose start on your knees, bend backwards and aim to touch your ankles by placing your arms over your head (this will take a bit of time to achieve, as your flexibility increases this will become easier). The camel pose is often associated with heavy emotions, so watch out for that! It is common to feel a little light headed when coming out of the pose, simply ensure you ease out of it and give yourself time to recover, not rushing to your feet.

Camel PoseTriangle Pose

To finish off is one of the most simple, easy and most effective poses to help with weight-loss from the thighs and hips whilst also toning and building strong hamstrings. In order to perform the triangle pose, stand with your feet apart and position your arms shoulder level. Whilst exhaling, bend your arms sideways, touching your hand to your foot on the same side. Repeat this on each side at least 5x, more if possible.

Triangle Pose

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