How To Start Your Weight Loss Journey in Four Simple Ways

How To Start Your Weight Loss Journey in Four Simple Ways

If you’re looking to shed extra pounds, it’s not the gym enrollment card you need to start with but the mindset that keeps you determined and motivated.

Without it, you may cut off the foods you enjoy the most or run an extra mile but things will never be in your favor unless you make your mind for it.

Losing weight requires hard work but the golden tip is to make it a lifestyle instead of following it like a punishment. If you do so, you’ll see results as per your expectations.

Thinking how to get started?

This blog will serve as a guide to starting your weight loss journey.

One: See where are you going Wrong

People gain weight for a lot of reasons. It might be the depression, food addiction, uncontrollable habits, illness or giving birth to children. What’s your reason for gaining weight?

Start with a small activity. Take a pen and notepad, write your previous weight and your current weight. Compare both and watch how much you’ve gained.

In my case, I gained 10 kgs because of excessive eating and no physical activity.

Once you know the weight you’ve gained, track your meals and the timings you are taking in. Ask yourself either you’re feeding too much to your body or if you’re growing your snacking and dining habit.

This activity will help to know the pitfalls and the area where you need to work.

Two: Make your Mindset

A study shows that one of the most important factors in the weight loss journey is your attitude towards it. You achieve half of the success when you say: “Yes, I can do!” to yourself.

Since weight loss journey is a challenging task so without the belief in yourself, it’d become tough to accomplish. The right mindset and a positive attitude is vital. Most of the people start their journey with the worst mindset and expect results like magic. They jump into diet plans, start starving and eventually lose sight of sustainability and lose hopes.

So it makes sense to fuel your daily motivation by keeping in mind your weight loss resolution.

Three: Take help from the Health & Fitness Apps

Fitness apps are incredibly useful. They help you in myriad ways; be it about counting your calories, tracking your progress, guiding the right exercises and burning extra calories.

If you’re planning to start with running then you’ll find plenty of running apps that have come a long way. To make your run stand out, find the best running apps on Android and iOS and track your run.

These apps have unique features to support and encourage you such as discounts or promo offers. Some even give financial awards to keep you motivated.

And the best part is that you can get you readymade meal plans according to your body requirements. Some apps keep you updated by sending you the weekly reports based on the food you take.

Four: Start Small

Nobody is asking you to shed 10 kilos in a month or two and you neither need to force yourself for this. Because good results take time!

Start with:

  • Reducing your portion size
  • Include fruits and vegetables in your diet
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Start running for 20 mins in the morning.
  • Plan customized meals
  • Count your daily calories
  • Avoid junk food, snacking and dining

Above all praise yourself for achieving an inch of your goals. It will boost your confidence and keeps you going. If you make clean eating and exercising your lifestyle, you’ll not need the extra hours to spend in the gym.

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