Buyers’ Guide to Select the Best Air Conditioning System for Your House

Buyers’ Guide to Select the Best Air Conditioning System for Your House

Summer is approaching, and you can certainly feel the temperature rising. Most of us will be heading to buy a new air conditioning system or call up the professional for air conditioning servicing. The air conditioning system is considered to be the best choice for combating rising temperature. The air conditioning system’s role is not limited to just cooling; nowadays, you can also find the air conditioning system that is loaded with features like air filtering or purification, inverter cooling, 3-way cooling, air purification, and others. Based on your preference, you can invest in one.

Key Factors to Consider Before Buying the Air Conditioning System:

1. Type

You will find different types of air conditioning system like split AC, window AC and portable AC:

Window AC – These are the most conventional type and are mounted in a window. It is easy to install, but you have to bear with the sound of the same.

Split AC – Most houses and even smaller commercial spaces like retail stores have a split air conditioning system. It looks sleek and easily syncs with the interior of the place. The installation cost of the split air conditioning system is a bit higher.

Portable AC – This type of air conditioning system is paramount for small places. It is light in weight, but if you plan to install it, you need to create a specialized vent for the exhaust hose.

2.  Capacity

Now you know the different ACs available in the market, your next parameter should be to choose the right capacity air conditioning system. Not every air conditioning system will be suitable for all rooms. For a larger room, you need a higher tonnage AC. Comparatively, for a smaller one of about 110 square feet, a 1-ton air conditioning system is sufficient.

3. Inverter or Non-Inverter AC

If you have recently looked for the air conditioning system option, you would have come across the inverter and non-inverter AC option. The inverter converts direct current to alternating current. The conventional air conditioning system didn’t have this option, it works fixedly, but with an inverter air conditioner, it is more dynamic; it adjusts with the frequency of voltage fluctuations. It allows the air conditioning system to work in different frequencies as required, so you can vary the air conditioning system’s capacity based on your need. This also gives you better control over the temperature. So, if you have the budget, we would recommend spending on the inverter AC to get more effective and better cooling.


Additional Features:

These were some of the key features of the air conditioning system. For planning to invest in a good one you must also explore the additional features present in the AC; some of the popular ones are:

1.  Filters

Nowadays, most of the air conditioning system comes with air filters; this ensures that the AC cools the air and provides clean air. Most of the ACS comes with this advanced filter.

2.  Heating

Technology has made machines more advanced. You can now find the air conditioning system that can cool the room during summers and heat during summer. This saves the additional cost of spending in adding extra appliances for heating. You also reduce the carbon footprint.

3. Timers

You can also control the usage of AC by using the timer. Set the timer, and the AC will automatically shut off. You don’t have to wake up in the middle of the night to close it anymore.

This was the basic information about the air conditioning system, and if you are planning to buy one, then you have to take into account all these factors to make the best purchase. These parameters cannot be ignored by any chance.

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