Is it Necessary to Maintenance Service Your Air Conditioning?

Is it Necessary to Maintenance Service Your Air Conditioning?

Keeping Your Air Conditioner Well-Maintained

If you want to maintain a cool atmosphere for your air conditioned room or house then you have to ensure that air conditioner maintenance is a top priority. If the heat and humidity levels have gone up, it is high time you took the necessary action towards ensuring a properly functioning air conditioning system. Also, it is important to ensure that your central air conditioner maintenance schedule is set.

You don’t want to wait until the unit is damaged. Ensuring that you regularly maintain your air conditioning system for it to perform both effectively and efficiently will avert a crisis from occurring. Any minor problem with the AC is a recipe for major problems, hence you should never ignore it. When action is taken early enough then you are able to avoid major air conditioner repair costs which would otherwise affect your budget.

Problems associated with air conditioning

  1. Failure of a given component: An air conditioner has a number of parts that ensure its proper functioning. These parts are usually affected by the constant movement of the air conditioner. Some of these parts are susceptible to wear and tear which can affect their performance. You need to carry out routine inspections so as to ensure that they are all in a good condition.
  2. Failure of the electric control system: This refers to the wires and switches that allow constant flow of electricity to the unit. Damage to any of these delicate parts is bound to lead to air conditioner failure. Power surges may also damage some of these electrical components hence the need to check that they are functional.
  3. Poor operation procedures: This seems simple, but it’s important and forgotten windows and doors left open can reduce the AC’s efficiency.  Obviously, you should never leave your doors and windows open especially when your air conditioner is on. This prevents cool air from escaping and hot air from entering. The open windows and doors are also likely to allow more dust particles to get into the house, which may eventually accelerate the air conditioner wearing out. This may also increase the overall maintenance costs.
  4. Installation of small air conditioners: If the unit is too small for your house then you may not achieve the ideal conditions for your family. If your home remains warm and humid after the AC has been running for a period of time then it is time you bought a much bigger air conditioner. You should also be careful when purchasing a bigger air conditioner since it will restart many times as a result of the small area.
  5. Improper installation: The use of unqualified technicians can greatly impact your machine’s performance.  Low levels of refrigerant as a result of undercharging or constant leaks can lead to poor performance of the AC. These under-qualified technicians can also fail to add a refrigerant charge that does not match that of the manufacturer, which affects the efficiency of the AC.  Be careful when hiring an air conditioner maintenance technician and make sure they have solid references.

Troubleshooting AC problems?

How do you determine when to carry out central air conditioner maintenance?  This is one of the major questions that most people would want answered.  Air conditioner maintenance should be carried out regularly but you need to also identify the components that require servicing. If your house is not cool enough or is humid after switching the AC on then a number of reasons could be contributing to this:

a.Your air distribution system make not be properly functioning.
b. The air conditioner filter is also likely to be clogged up with dust particles.
c. It could be a broken air compressor.
d. The cooling air ducts could also be broken.
This initial analysis will help you determine whether you need to carry out air conditioner service, hire a repair man, or even purchase of a new system.

Air conditioner preventative maintenance measures should be put in place to address any problems that might arise in advance. This involves analyzing issues such as:
1.  Loud or unfamiliar noises coming from the AC.
2.  Reduced fan speeds. which also affect air flow.
3.  Constant switching off and on of the machine.
4.  The fuse constantly blowing.

Proper air conditioner maintenance

Overall, proper air conditioner maintenance will improve on the performance of the air conditioning system, as will preventive measures. Any properly functioning electrical appliance or machine requires regular maintenance to ensure good performance at all times. It is therefore advisable that you seek the necessary remedy for any potential problem in your AC unit. This will save plenty of money that would have been used to purchase a new machine.

Highly qualified technicians should be sought when installing the air conditioner especially in regard to adding the refrigerant, which should be strictly as per the manufacturer’s specifications.  Maintenance should include both internal and external areas of the air conditioning system. It should cleaned regularly and especially the air filtering system which is likely to be clogged with all manner of debris.  Window air conditioner maintenance should include removal of any build up of dust in the filter thus ensuring that only clean air is allowed to circulate in your house.

There should also be no obstruction to the free flow of air since this can lead to temperature variations in certain parts of the room or house. The grills of a central air conditioned system should also be properly cleaned for easier movement of air through the system. In case there is any debris that is attached on the grills then it should be removed using a damp piece of cloth.  Any wires or electrical components such as fuses should be replaced to ensure effective cooling of your room. Anything that hinders proper functioning of the air conditioning system should be checked by qualified personnel subject to repair or servicing. Proper air conditioner maintenance can help alleviate many problems from occurring, which saves you from incurring huge bills as well having a well-conditioned room or house.

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