Signs Your AC Needs Service

Signs Your AC Needs Service

If you are a homeowner in the Louisville area, you probably turned your air conditioner on weeks ago to keep your home cool. It will only get warmer, meaning you want to run your AC in prime condition as you move into summer. The right time to get in touch with the best HVAC companies in Louisville is before the heat attacks.

The Signs to Look Out For 

A broken AC is not always one that does not run. Besides, it is possible to realize a broken unit even without air conditioner repair services. However, you have to be on the lookout for other warning signs and be in control of the comfort and safety of your home.

1 If You Notice An Uneven Cooling In Your House

Do you find spots that look hot and other areas that look extremely cold when you walk around your house? Uneven temperatures can be a problem with insulation. Or it may mean that there is a problem that needs air conditioner repair service.

2 Unusually High Cooling Bills

It is essential to know that your air conditioner is the largest consumer of energy at home. If the cooling unit was going well last season, but this year’s energy bills have increased, then this is a good sign that you need to look at your system.

3 Weird Sounds from the Cooling Unit

All heating and cooling systems are designed to run silently. Louder than normal sounds – especially metal scraper, grinding, or banging sounds –are some incorrect functions inside the unit like broken components, loose belts, debris, etc.

You may need to have it checked by an air conditioning company when strange sounds occur. So call one of the best HVAC companies to avoid further and significant system damage.

4 A Thermostat Issue

It may happen that your system isn’t the problem – it’s your thermostat. Some signs may be obvious, like a setting of 65 and a house temperature off by 10 degrees or more, while others may not be (like different temperature zones throughout the house). Consult knowledgeable HVAC technicians who can control it in an instant.

5 Unpleasant Smells

Unpleasant odors or smells can arise from various issues, ranging from insect infiltration to burnt wire insulation and mold growth. Contact the professionals quickly to protect your family’s health from any allergies and sickness.

6 A Leaking AC 

Water can lead to mold or mildew, so an air conditioner that leaks water should be fixed immediately. Your AC condensate may be the cause of concern if the water is leaking inside your house,

7 Your AC Is Blowing Hot 

In the Louisville region, the outdoor temperature rises in summer. You have an HVAC system that keeps your family cool and comfortable at home. Your cooling system will not keep you comfortable in summer if your system is blowing hot air.

Hot air may indicate a problem with the compressor (it means the compressor is not cooling the air correctly), or your system is low on refrigerant. Hot air coming from your vent is one of the signs that AC needs to be repaired.

Blowing hot air also indicates that you have a duct problem pulling hot air from outside, or the attic space, and not from the compressor. It is a fault that your trusted HVAC Company should be able to point and repair the same.

8 Multiple Repairs 

It may be time to consider a replacement If you feel that you have had to repair your system or unit’s components in the last few months. There is no point in continuing to pay for repairs if the job is only prolonging the unit’s life for a short period.

It’s understood that it is not immediately in the budget to replace a system. But, when your old unit or system asks for multiple repairs, it would be more economical to proceed with replacement as a possibility. A trusted technician should be able to advise you on the overall state of your cooling unit.

9 A Frozen AC Coil

A simple problem like a dirty air filter or a complication like a refrigerant leak can be the reason behind a frozen coil. An expert HVAC technician can find the root of the problem.

10 An Aging System

Typically, an air conditioning unit has a useful life expectancy of ten years. You may want to consider a new unit if your unit is approaching ten years of operations. Replacement costs can be high, but a new unit will function efficiently and save utility bills.

To Wrap It Up 

HVAC systems are complicated and require correct functioning components.

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