The Major Advantages Of Evaporative Cooling

The Major Advantages Of Evaporative Cooling

An evaporative cooling system provides environmentally friendly and sustainable ventilation and cooling in office buildings, distribution centers, and production facilities. These systems are popular in commercial applications as it is easy to move and run them. They are much cheaper in comparison to refrigerated air conditioners and also more energy-efficient. Therefore, many business owners prefer to use them for commercial purposes. Let us now take a look at the main advantages these systems offer.

Comfortable Working Environment

If the working environment is too hot, it will be hard for employees to be productive and concentrate on their work. According to UC Berkeley research, for every degree above 22 degrees Celcius, the productivity of employees decreases by 2%. A good quality evaporative cooling system can bring the temperature of air down to 20 degrees Celcius below the ambient temperature, thus creating a productive and comfortable environment in the building.

Good Air Quality

A ventilated work environment is better because there is a lot of fresh air coming from outside, creating a healthy atmosphere. This leads to higher productivity and low absenteeism. With evaporative cooling, you get 100% filtered and fresh air entering from outside to cool a room or the entire building in your commercial setup. This leads to better indoor air quality compared to mechanical cooling where the warm and polluted air recirculates inside.


Evaporative cooling systems are highly energy-efficient, and that is why many business owners prefer them for commercial purposes. These systems use much less energy than mechanical cooling, and most of the cooling capacity of these systems comes through water evaporation. They have DC fans that are economical, and these in combination with low resistance components ensure low energy consumption and increased efficiency.

On scorching days, evaporative cooling systems offer more efficiency. When the temperature is warm, the moisture content in the air is relatively high, and this allows the system to evaporate more water. When more water evaporates, the system is able to provide more cooling power, while the energy consumption remains the same.


A major advantage of such systems is that they use water as a refrigerant. Because of this, it releases no harmful substances that affect the ozone layer of the atmosphere. Also, it does not use much electricity, which reduces the carbon footprint as well.

Better Than Air Conditioners 

Air conditioning is suitable for small and medium space that is sealed. It would be best if you keep all air outlets closed since it recirculates the air inside the room, cooling it effectively. No matter what the outdoor temperature is, air conditioning will keep circulating cold air irrespective of the humidity level and outdoor conditions. Hence, these are not suitable for commercial spaces which are often quite large and require ventilation.

Evaporative coolers, on the other hand, is perfect for large open spaces with adequate air movement and good ventilation. You need to ensure enough ventilation by installing mechanical supply fans or by opening the windows and the doors. The evaporative cooling system’s efficiency depends on the humidity level of the air.

Portable And Durable

These systems are quite hardy, which makes them suitable for harsh conditions like warehouses, garages, and patios. They often come with heavy-duty wheels as well, which makes it easy for you to roll it around.

Doubles As a Fan

One of the reasons why many people prefer these systems is because of their versatility. While air conditioners can only be used for one purpose, you can use these systems as heavy-duty fans for both outdoor and indoor conditions. For this, you need to use the cooling system without water.

Conclusion: As you can see, evaporative coolers offer some significant advantages, which makes them a viable option for commercial cooling purposes. They are a cost-effective solution to your industrial cooling needs.

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