Why Is Cold Air Coming Out Of My Vents When The Heat Is On?

Why Is Cold Air Coming Out Of My Vents When The Heat Is On?

Winters are impossible without a well-performing heating system. Getting cold air coming out of vents even when heat is the last thing one would want in that cold season. No one is prepared for handling chilly air all of sudden. So, if you have the same problem, you may need to call an HVAC company in Sacramento after all the steps you did fail to solve the problem.

In this blogpost, know all the reasons why cold air comes out of your vents when the heat is on:

Check the heat pump if you have one.

 When heat pumps get frozen or get covered up with drifting snow, they can start acting up. That can cause it to blow out cold air when you expect warm and heated air from your heater. These issues can be fixed all by yourself. Other reasons that can cause a heat pump to become

Some other issues that may be causing your heat pump to break down are low refrigerant, a faulty metering device, and bad valves.

Check the thermostat

The setting of temperature can be your culprit when it comes to figuring out why cold air is coming out of vents. So, check the temperature. If the setting is set to “ON” instead of “AUTO”, this means your heater is running all the time. It will run even when the heating cycle is not on. This can be the reason why cold air is blowing out of your vents. Thus, you need to make sure if it is ON or AUTO mode. Change it to AUTO.

Pilot light issue

The pilot light issue is a common issue in gas furnaces. In this problem, a piolet light doesn’t get the fuel to light itself. As a result, it will not able to heat your space in your home. So, check your ignition system and makes sure the heater can light the fuel.

Change the air filter

If your furnace overheats, it could end up blowing cold air. In such cases, a safety control device known as the limit switch will shut off the burners. However, the fan will keep running, cooling the furnace to protect it from potential damage.


Restricted airflow is one of the common reasons behind overheating. If your air filter is dirty, you will see this problem. When airflow is restricted into the furnace, the unit will work harder and longer to heat your space. Due to this, it will end up overheating itself. Always change the filter regularly. Even after replacing the air filter, you still witness this problem. Then, it’s time to contact professionals of heating, cooling, and water heater repair in Sacramento for the solution. Prevent overheating as it can damage your heat exchanger. Otherwise, be ready to bear costly expenses for the replacement of the heat exchanger. So, never forget to replace the air filter when it is required.

Insufficient supply of gas

A furnace needs a proper amount of gas to provide heat or warm air. If it is not getting sufficient gas, it can turn it off for safety purposes. Make sure your furnace is getting an adequate supply of gas. Insufficient gas supply can cause the furnace to fail and provide cold air. Any disruption to a gas supply that goes to your furnace will cause your furnace to fail. This issue requires you to call and get an expert in heating repair and air conditioning installation in Sacramento to assess and fix the problem.

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