10 Ideas to Make Your Living Room Cozy Yet Stylish

10 Ideas to Make Your Living Room Cozy Yet Stylish

Comfort shouldn’t mean a compromise of style. If you’re looking for ways to add instant warmth to your living room, we’ve come up with 10 inventive ways to reinvent your living space. So, whether you’re looking for new glass coffee tables which will serve as the perfect centerpiece to your living room, or just wondering what throws and pillows would suit your style we’ve got you covered with ideas to suit all budgets.

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1.Step Back in Time with a Traditionally Styled Living Room

Nothing will make you feel more at ease than designing a traditionally styled living room. Everyone’s got their own take on traditional, but there are a few key steps to follow to make sure you get the cozy vibe you’re looking for.

Always opt for furniture with curved lines, and when choosing a sofa and other seating consider soft upholstery which you can match against your window dressings. Choose neutral decor to finish your living room – but never be afraid to express your style with some bold key pieces.

2.Create an Intimate Setting

Whether it is winter or summer, an intimate setting can always be created by positioning your furniture in front of a fireplace. You can always place fairy lights in the fire in the summer when the fire isn’t in use, this will give you the same ambient and restful glow like a fire without the heat.

If you’re considering this method making sure that you don’t forget about the window dressings as this will help you to get the look desired.

3.Grey Doesn’t Have to Be Dull!

Many homeowners never consider grey to be a cozy color, yet, if done right, a comfortable yet stylish living room can easily be achieved! Dark grey tends to work best, however, grey only tend to work in living rooms which tend to give in lots of natural light. If you’re choosing grey as a color scheme, select modern pieces of furniture, such as glass tables and modular leather sofas.

4.Get Creative with Color

A calming living room doesn’t mean that you don’t get plenty of room to experiment with color and create a playful and warm environment which expresses your individuality. Find the perfect balance between playful and elegant by adding splashes of color to an otherwise neutral living room. This can be done with art prints, cushions with fun floral fabrics, or simply buying colorful books to place on glass coffee tables! Just make sure that the color isn’t too overwhelming.

5.Want to Make Your Friends Wish They Were Bohemian Like You?

Bohemian-styled living rooms aren’t going to go out of style any time soon. The key to creating the perfect bohemian vibe is to keep it relaxed and casual. Experiment with shabby chic items and soft fabrics. The key piece which you’ll want to invest in to achieve this look is a cable knit throw which will instantly add warmth to any room. Make sure to include plenty of natural elements such as cacti which look perfect on glass coffee tables in front of a comfy and inviting sofa.

6.Don’t Be Afraid to Accessorize!

There’s a fine line between cozy and overcrowded when it comes to living rooms. If you’re anything but a minimalist you can have plenty of fun when it comes to experimenting with different types of seating, different textures, different colors, and patterns. Footstools, throws, pillows, and other accessories are all key to finishing a cozy room. But remember, when you’re picking your soft furnishings, make sure they’re as cozy as they look!

7.Add a Touch of Elegance to Your Living Room

Elegance doesn’t always mean that you have to compromise when it comes to a cozy living room, you can have your cake and eat it with a few simple tricks!

Decide on a focal point for your living room, this could be a fireplace or a coffee table and make sure all of your furniture is centred around the focal point. Remember that soft furnishings are still key to coziness even when you are keeping the aesthetic elegant. If you have a large enough living space, ensure that your furniture is pulled away from the walls.

8.Don’t Be Afraid to Go Art Decor

If neutral colors simply aren’t your style, never be afraid to go against the grain and create a cozy fun living room by using plenty of rich deep colors such as turquoise, canary yellow, purple and gold. Darker walls will help you to achieve the perfect look, but no rules are set in stone when it comes to a fascinating living room. Just make sure that you don’t skimp on the seating – after all, that is key to ensuring that you’re truly comfortable in your living room!

9.Light-Up Your Atmosphere

Lighting is a key component to coziness in your living room, the trick is to have various lighting sources which emit different forms of light such as ambient light and accent light. For the best results, make sure that the lighting is placed at different heights around the room and always opt for bulbs which emit a soft and warm glow. Harsh blue tints won’t be your friend if you are looking for a pleasant atmosphere in your living room.

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