10 Tips to Marie Kondo Your Home These Summers

10 Tips to Marie Kondo Your Home These Summers

“Decluttered houses are wowing house guests and taking social media by storm.”

If it doesn’t bring any joy to you, it’s worth to get rid of with.

That’s the core of the Marie Kondo method. Which is now a universally followed approach to organize homes in a way that urges people for more thoughtful, and joyful living.

Marie Kondo, a Japanese organizing expert, and author, set off a decluttering craze across the globe with her book “Life-Changing Magic of Tidying up” (published 2004). This New York Times bestseller guide is based on KonMari ideology. And if you aren’t a fan of reading books, then Netflix has just the right TV series for you.

Wait! If you don’t have a clue about this,  let me first give you a quick heads up.

This ideology says – simplify the organized pattern of your home by getting rid of items that do not spark joy. For implementing this, you just need three simple steps to execute.

First, put out your every asset on the table. Second, putting your hands on each, ask yourself if it sparks joy, if it doesn’t, appreciate it for its service, and bid adieu to it. Third, after you are left with only joy-giving belongings, put each possession in a place where it’s easy to grab and put back. That’s it.

This might sound very convenient, but it’s easier said than done, right?

That’s why here are ten tips of this decluttering bible to help you, Marie Kondo, your home these summers.

Let’s get going then…

Tip 1 Visualize the place you want your home to be

Prior to initiate tidying, you first must visualize, how you want your place and life to be in the following year? This is required to attain a bright idea and perspective of how you want your home to be?

In the words of Kondo, “You must think in concrete terms so that you can vividly picture what you wish to have at the end of the steps (clutter-free home).”

Tip 2 Collect all belongings

After you have pinpointed a clear vision, bring all the assets to the table. Review whatever items you have and what purpose they serve for you. One short cut technique for this is to start collecting all of the same things throughout the house.

For instance, start with clothing. Pile up all of your clothes into one space. Then, go collect all books around the house. After that, collect all the flower pots and so on.

Tip 3 Categorize certain items to make it less overwhelming

As said above, you can start by collecting all of the same things, such as clothes or books. However, if you feel the process is overwhelming for you, go for further categorization.

By that I mean, just go for items belonging to a specific category at a given time. For clothes, just assign a day for trousers and formals as this way it will be less overwhelming.

Tip 4 Bid Adieu to no joy-giving assets

After you collect all the items you possess (categorized or uncategorized), touch each of them and ask yourself, if they spark joy? Based on your answers, make two different piles, one for the assets that spark joy and one for those that don’t. Once you’re done, you’ll find that there is a lot of stuff that doesn’t give you comfort or even doesn’t have a purpose to serve.

According to Kondo, everything that does not spark joy should be disposed off. But, here comes the tricky part. What you should exactly do with that stuff. Read the next tip to get your answer.

Pro tip: Ensure to tidy the things in order. Start with common commodities like clothing, then go for books, then miscellaneous items, and finally  mementos. Till the time you reach the souvenirs, you will have thoroughly delved yourself into the KonMari ideology.

Tip 5: Sell the things that you no longer need

Rather than disposing off the unneeded items, sell them to supplement your income. By far, I think it’s a good way to accelerate your savings.

But, sometimes it becomes hard to part ways as you receive very little than the actual price of an asset. Here, just don’t think of the amount you paid instead remember that selling something for even 10% of its original value is far better than nothing at all. So, go for it.

P.S. You can also donate your belongings if that gives you happiness. There are many needy people out there. Inevitably, you’ll be blessed by helping someone in need.

Tip 6 Don’t fall in the trap of a shopping spree

Another misconception is that after downsizing, the KonMari method encourages more consumption. Kondo wrote about this in her book. According to her, you should not fall prey to a shopping spree because you have the space to store now.

However, it could be tempting to refresh your wardrobe, but it definitely won’t help you sustain your happiness. Reason being, it straight away challenges the real purpose of the KonMari method, that is, being happy with the things you already have and getting rid of any additional clutter.

Tip 7 Don’t avoid necessary purchases

Going with the above tip doesn’t mean you need to avoid necessary purchases. Like, if you’re living in a cold climate, it clearly makes sense to buy a pair of warm shoes even if they don’t bring your abundance of joy. As practically, you do need to keep your feet warm.

Tip 8: Wisely arrange and place your left-over joyful belongings

Now is the time for storing the left-over joy-giving stuff. The best part is, once you choose the joy sparking things, you will be left only with goods that perfectly fit in your current space. Kondo firmly believes that “folding” should be the primary method of cloth storage.

You should fold each item into a smooth rectangle shape such that it can fit vertically in a drawer. This way, you can organize your clothing in the least possible space. Also, it will keep your clothes from getting wrinkled.

Other smaller items can be stored in a single space. This is very useful when you have small storage spaces. Stand the items vertically, so that you can see everything at ease.

For kitchens, you must use the drawers to their maximum potential. But remember, to keep all items categorized properly. This will avoid any future messy piles in your kitchen drawers.

On the entryways, set particular spaces for your sunglasses, umbrella, or whatever it is, so you don’t need to mess around other stuff when looking for your wallet or keys.

Well-arranged items make it easier to clean your house. Hence, you will save some extra bucks while going for professional cleaning services such as apartment cleaning services in NYC.

Tip 10 Create your own Zen Space and maintain a purified environment

As per Kondo’s new book, “Spark Joy,” you should create your own zen space. It can be either in your bedroom, kitchen, or a corner of your guest room. Just choose the spot where it will make you most happy and gives you positive vibes.

Apart from that, you should maintain a purified environment. Every morning, open all the windows and let the fresh air enter your house. Burn incense to fill the house with purifying aroma. Kondo herself has placed crystals in different parts of her home to purify the space.

So, all set to Marie Kondo your home?

It might seem challenging, but don’t stress too much about it. Even if you fail, your house won’t blow up, so don’t worry. Take a break in between and visualize a decluttered home. It will help you get going.

Don’t forget, you just need to focus on the things you really love and enjoy. That’s why you need to get rid of the clutter. Ultimately, this meticulous methodology will take you to joyful and mindful living.

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