3 Things To Think About When Designing Your Kitchen

3 Things To Think About When Designing Your Kitchen

Whether your brand new house is being built just for you or you have purchased a fixer-upper and are doing big renovations, the kitchen can be one of the most fun parts of the home to design. However, because of how functional it needs to be, it can also be the most difficult! Enlist some professional help and get inspiration from wherever you can, and here are 3 things you should think about when designing your kitchen.


When buying appliances for your kitchen, you need to make sure that the end result will be a kitchen space equipped with exactly what you and your family needs. For example, if you cook at home for every meal and do a lot of meal prepping, you may need a larger refrigerator than the average family. If you don’t cook a whole lot but like to entertain, you may consider adding a bar space and will want to think about the appliances that are involved.

Some people prefer gas ranges while others prefer electric, and the list of options for kitchen appliances goes on and on. Do some research and figure out your preferences as well as your budget and the aesthetic you are going for, and see if you can come up with some ideas before going shopping for appliances.


If your kitchen is small but you love to cook with your partner or children, you may need to renovate it to make it into a larger space. This is one of the first things you should consider when designing a new kitchen, because the size and shape of the space will dictate just about everything else. To make this easier, try looking at your current kitchen.

Does it work well for you or do you wish it was a bit larger? Is it a good size but awkwardly shaped? Think about these things before you start one your kitchen design project and pass on your findings to the people helping you with renovations.


Unfortunately, when designing or redesigning a kitchen, costs can get very high very quickly. It’s best to know ahead of time exactly what your budget is and do some careful planning so that you know ahead of time what things are expected to cost and are not at risk of going over budget.

When making your budget, be sure to include the “must-haves” and most expensive things such as appliances ahead of time. Smaller things such as paint, flooring, etc. can be planned out later on as they are typically less expensive and you want to make sure the bigger expenses are covered first.

Overall, designing a new kitchen can be a lot of fun! Use these tips when you start to feel a little overwhelmed so that nothing gets forgotten in the process.

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