3 Unique Bedroom Design Ideas

3 Unique Bedroom Design Ideas

The bedroom is one of the most important rooms in the home, and the most personal. If you manage to get eight hours of sleep a night you are spending at least a third of your day in your bedroom. The design of a bedroom is an opportunity to create a space that shows off your style and is also functional. 

These three unique bedroom designs all strike a balance between functionality and beauty, helping you to get good quality sleep in a space that is a pleasure to inhabit. No matter your taste in decor, we think these design ideas will give you plenty of inspiration for your next bedroom makeover.

Get Romantic!

Turn your bedroom into a luxurious boudoir by using romantic colours like deep, beating heart reds and luxurious golds. Red is a passionate colour and should be used throughout the room, on walls, floor coverings, bedsheets, and even as detail on the ceiling. Try not to use light colours in the room, and rely on light fixtures and windows to brighten the space instead. 

Use gold trims and dark wood furniture and flooring to add contrast without adding too much light. The space needs to be decadent, drawing you into the space as soon as you enter it. Your bed should be the luxurious centrepiece of the room. Dress your bed with plenty of pillows and cushions for you to choose from, and use thick, soft materials in deep, red shades. 

Try to use bedroom furniture that has classic and curvy styles. A four-poster bed is perhaps the biggest romantic statement you can make in a bedroom, and if you can fit it in your room and afford one you should definitely consider it. Remember to stick to dark, chocolatey shades of wood to add some deep contrasting colour to compliment the reds in the room.

Less Can Be More

If a luxurious, decadent, and romantic bedroom isn’t your cup of tea perhaps you would prefer a cleaner and more minimal bedroom. The minimalist design has been a favourite for a long time now, but there are ways of making the clean and cold look of minimalism warmer and more welcoming. This helps to make the style more suitable for a bedroom.

The minimalist look typically means a lack of clutter in the room, paired with muted shades of a colour. Black, white and grey is a typical minimalist colour palette. The most important aspect of a minimalist design style is to have a place for everything, and everything in its place. A bedroom with this look will have to be kept very tidy to get the maximum effect, and you should bear this in mind when making design decisions for your bedroom. 

You can use art or photographs to bring brighter colours and depth to a room that has the muted look of minimalist space. The cold look can be made more personal and warm by using photographs of you, your friends, and your family or special snaps from holidays. Pictures you have taken on your mobile phone can even be turned into art for your walls by using online photo printing services to help you to enlarge them to the size of a painting or poster.

Bring the Nature into Your Bedroom

Natural materials are a great way to bring the outside into your bedroom and give the space a light and relaxing feel to help lull you to sleep at night. Wood can be used to great effect as a wall covering and has become a popular choice lately. Panelling or wooden planks can be used to add texture and colour to a wall as well as create a feature in a plain area. 

When working with natural materials any painted walls or features should use colours that can commonly be found in nature to complement your wooden decor. Sky blues, forest and grass greens, or even stone greys will work best alongside slat wall panels or wooden planks. 

Indoor plants can make great accessories in a natural space, and you can use flowering plants to add some seasonal colour and life to your room. You can also use plants to add scents to your space, such as lavender. Aloe Vera has been shown to oxygenate indoor spaces which could help you to get a night of better and more restful sleep.

These modern and fun bedroom design ideas should give you some inspiration for the next time you redecorate your bedroom. Whether you crave decadent luxury in a private boudoir or want to bring nature to bed with you, we hope you get a good night of sleep in a beautiful and unique bedroom.

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