5 Things to Know Before Buying Double Door Refrigerators

5 Things to Know Before Buying Double Door Refrigerators

Gone are the days when refrigerators looked like vertical cabins with a single door and no technological accessories. Today, you will find smart devices with a sleek design, multiple colour options and are completely tech-savvy. The global refrigerator market is set to touch $103.95 billion by 2026.

A Skope 2 door fridge is one such investment that will provide you with multiple racks and trays. Here, you can effectively store all your condiments and make the best use of the space and multiple features provided. 

To effectively utilise all the features and space in your refrigerator, know these 5 factors mentioned below. 

Know the Refrigerator’s Capacity

Usually, a single door fridge provides a capacity of 50 to 250 litres. However, double door appliances are far bigger and can touch up to 235 to 495 litres. Hence, you can easily store a medium or big family’s worth of condiments. 

Such refrigerators also include a separate compartment for freezers and have larger shelves. Even small stores or office spaces can use them for daily use.

Frost Free Technology

Two-door fridges provide you with frost-free technology, which keeps the food fresher for a long duration. Therefore, you can stock up on groceries or meals without worrying about the ingredients going bad. 

The frost-free property prevents your food from any buildups and keeps your appliance clean. You don’t have to worry about the ice droplets melting off into water when the electricity runs out. 

Understand the Energy Efficiency 

You might think that investing in a double door refrigerator might cost you more on the electricity bills. However, it could not be farther from the truth. A single door fridge consumes more power because you decrease the overall inside temperature every time you want to access a certain compartment. 

Now, more power is needed to cool it again. You will also find BEE ratings to depict the fridge’s energy efficiency. 

Separate Compartments for the Greens

You will find that the 2 door fridges include two drawers, one each for fruits and vegetables. Usually, you might feel like both spaces work the same and end up mixing the fresh greens from one side to another. 

However, you should strictly avoid it. The veggie compartment is set for high humidity, and the fruit one is set for low humidity. Additionally, fruits release a gas called Ethylene that ruins the vegetables. 

Last-in-First-Out Storage Methodology

When you have a spacious refrigerator, remember that the way you store food matters a lot. Here, you need to keep the leftovers at the top and front side so that they are easily visible. 

If you put the cooked food inside and cover it with other groceries in the front, you will likely forget about it. Therefore, always store the soon-to-be-consumed meals in the end. 


The kitchen is the centre of any home, and the refrigerator is the centre of any kitchen! If utilised wisely, your fridge can save you money on groceries and keep the food fresh for a longer time. 

A Skope 2 door fridge is a smart appliance that optimises storage and includes various compartments, side trays, and racks. Additionally, you get better power consumption, increased capacity, and improved energy efficiency. 

For medium and big sized families, such refrigerators serve the purpose well. 

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