5 Tips to Follow for Choosing the Best Toto Toilet

5 Tips to Follow for Choosing the Best Toto Toilet

Home furnishings and accessories are essential to maintain your home well. It also includes bathroom essentials like toilet bowls, bathtubs, and many more. Everyone should choose the most suitable toilet bowl for their home. While purchasing, everyone thinks about the brand and some essential factors. Toto toilets are considered among the best and most reputable brands for toilet bowls. Some other top-notch brands are available for you to buy toilet bowls.

Choosing a perfect toilet is very significant for any bathroom. Your old toilet might have had several problems for a long time. Anyhow, you managed by repairing it and continuing to use it. At some point, it reaches the stage where you cannot use it anymore, and it is the sign that your toilet bowl has ended and it’s time for toilet bowl replacement. There is no other choice; you must purchase a new toilet bowl.

Whether you need a toilet bowl replacement or a new toilet bowl for your new house construction, you have many options. Toto toilets have good functionality, look great, and, comparatively, they are highly durable. And most people will have a general doubt that runs in their mind before buying a toilet bowl. The common question is finding a perfect one for your bathroom space. So, this article can help you by giving tips for choosing the ideal one for your home.

Tips for Selecting the Best Toto Toilets

Know Your Bathroom Type and Set-Up

It is essential to select your toilet according to your bathroom type and outlet. Also, you have to calculate the space of your bathroom. The best way is to calculate the distance from the centre to the wall for the S-trap waste outlet; otherwise, you can also figure out the space between the bathroom floor and the P-trap outlet. These measurements can help you decide whether P-trap is better or the S-trap for your bathroom space.

Toilet Seat

While thinking about toilet seating, the Toto toilet can give you 100% comfort as it is made to have an integrated seat. Everyone has to remember that the toilet seat is the most significant feature that you require the most. So, you should focus clearly on that before purchasing a new toilet.

Toilet Bowl Shape and Design

Only some toilets will have the same bowl types; different toilets may differ in design and shape. If you want a toilet bowl that is smooth, functional and looks good, then opt for a one-piece toilet that will be perfect for your requirement. There are three toilets: U shape, O shape, and V shape. So, choose the best one according to your needs.

Toilet Seat Height

Height is also an essential factor to consider before purchasing. Generally, the toilet seat will be as tall as the toilet seat, as comfortable and healthier as the toilet will be. Usually, the perfect height for a toilet bowl is about 14-15 inches. Recently, a new change has been made, and the height has been extended to 17 and 20 inches. The toilet seat 20 inches high is considered the best height for average-height users. So, choose the height of the toilet according to your height that suits you perfectly. 

Ease of Cleaning

Make sure to buy a toilet that is easy and accessible for you to clean. It is essential to understand how to maintain and clean your toilet bowl, which helps it stay longer. Ensure the ceramic toilet has a secure and protective layer known as CeFiONtect because this makes your work easier.


These tips are essential to follow before purchasing a toilet bowl for your bathroom.

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